Pain Meds

I was wondering if I could get some input from other members about pain meds. My Dr. has given me a prescription for pain meds to be taken twice a day. Since my pain is mostly at night and keeps me from sleeping, he has suggested that it might help tp take the med at 5PM and then again at 11PM, the time I go to bed, instead of during the day. What experience have you had with adding pain meds to Mobic and plaquenil? I would really like some input on this and thanks in advance.

I am in the same boat!

Do you feel safe taking pain pills? I really don't know what to do, but thanks for your reply.

I take a vicodin 5-325 three times a day. Sometimes I skip one if I don't feel too bad. Mine don't make me sleepy and I am in more pain when I wake up and at night. It's not a very high dose though. You have to go with how bad your pain is.

Thanks for your reply. My prescription is for 5-325 and 1/2 of another. If my pain level is high I am to take the half along with the pill. I hope I made myself clear. Sometimes I wonder about me. My pain level can be so high at times that I cry, and then at another time I have very little pain. Only thing, the Dr. told me to take the pain med as ordered all the time. I didn't know if I would get "hooked" on this or not.

I think we all have variable pain levels. My doctor also told me to keep taking it as directed to keep the pain relief on a constant level. I don't think you will get hooked like some of the other heavy narcotics. The pain relief will make a big difference in how you can live your daily life. I was taking 1 and 1/2 for awhile and my doctor then started to give me 3 a day. I have been pretty good taking them 3 times lately. I take one with every meal so that helps the tummy!

Good luck on this and I hope you find it works for you.

Thanks for your reply. I'm going to take the Dr's advice. I have to admit that he listens to me. I kept having dizzy spells and would fall. I always seemed to hit my head. The Dr. sent me to a place called "The Balance Institute of America". After three procedures, I was no longer dizzy. I thought I would pass this on although you may already know about them.

Thanks Misty, I used to fall too. I have been good for a couple of years now!

Why were you guys falling? I just find this very interesting because I have fallen like 4 times in a month. And I don't normally fall. Just weird, like I couldn't catch myself or something. I just never have really fallen hard and bruised myself without being able to catch myself and I wonder why...?? It's not due to pain meds as I have been on narcotic therapy for 4 years, no recent changes in dose. Any suggestions or reasons as to why you had the same problem would be much appreciated!!

Thanks, Alex

I did the same. The last time I fell I broke my left wrist. I told my Dr. that I was sick and tired of falling and wanted to know why. This is when he referred me to the America Institute of Balance. It had something to do with the inner ear. After three procedures I have not fallen anymore. I had never heard of them before but I keep their number close by in case I need to go again. You might talk to your Dr. about this organization to see if they could help you. The only problem is they are not everywhere. I live in Palm Harbor, Fl. and am lucky to have these people not only in Tarpon Springs but in Largo also, all within driving distance. Look them up on the computer and read about them. Good luck!

I am on methotrexate as so far it is only thing I can tolerate. So far, no improvement but only been taking it 3 weeks (6tabs once a week) and I take 2 to 4 20 325 once a day. Not helping much. Guess I am going to have to try pain management again. I haven’t experienced falling. Maybe check with neurologist,? Wish I had some helpful words but right now I am barely hangingon. PPrayers to all of you. Tomorrow is a brand new day. May it be s brighter one.

Thanks for your reply and encouragement.

lol…just read my post…forgot 2 to 4 (strength20 325-) of norco. Did I mention that my brain slips into neutral on occasion,

IMy brain also does the same. Looks like we are in the same boat! lol

My doc. Gave me oxcycodone 5mg as needed 1-2 tabs every 4-6 hrs. I only take 1 a day at night if needed. Other wise it’s just my mobic and Tylenol. Unless I have something going on during the day and I need it but thats rare. I am always afraid of getting hooked. As before I was diagnosed I wouldn’t take anything hardly ever I could probably count on 1 hand how many times I took Tylenol or other pain meds. I hate pills of any kind so going from taking nothing to having my own pharmacy is a huge adjustment. Although I hate taking them I’m thankful for them, as it still gives me a life and gives my body the break it needs. My mom is a nurse and she helps me monitor everything and I’ll be saying I’m in pain and she tells me, stop making yourself suffer and take it. I still have a hard time doing it. The Mobic has helped me through the days so I haven’t had to take a pain pill during the day in awhile!

My husband tells me what your Mom tells you. Guess I should listen to him. Thanks everyone for your replies. I feel better about everything already.

I look at pain meds as simply another weapon in my arsenal to make life bearable. They allow me to function for my kids when they need me and they help keep me from being a b*tch from the pain. I have been taking Norco for pain for almost a decade, interspersed with patches and percocet occasionally. My rx is for 150 per month but it takes probably 2 months to finish a scrip if not longer. I have bulging discs from car accidents and nerve damage as well as lupus and its buddies so my back is what drives me to pain medication more than anything else. Sciatica down both legs can feel like a flamethrower is burning the backs of my legs to a crisp. I take a norco every morning and lay in bed til it kicks in and don’t need another til bed usually. I just need it to get out of bed and moving and then I’m fine. Don’t be afraid of getting dependent on them. Numerous studies have shown that when people take narcotics for chronic pain they don’t abuse them. I hate taking anything that fuzzes out my brain so I never worry about addiction.

I have been on pain meds in the past when I had my double knee replacements done all at once. Terrible, terrible pain! Once the pain was over I stopped the meds with no problem. The only thing I have the potential to be addicted to is sugar. I don't dare make a yellow cake with milk chocolate icing because i'll eat the whole thing. lol Thanks for your long reply because it really helped me, and now I don't feel afraid of the med. I'll take it when I need it and at least be comfortable.

Oh that cake sounds delicious!!! I have back and neck problems that are the main cause of my pain too. My hands seem to be most painful lately. Nothing quite like sciatica pain though!! The goal is to just be comfortable like Annemarie said.

It is 3AM and I'm up because I can't sleep. I fell several years ago and had to have a right knee revision. Part of the bone below the inner right side of my knee broke off and I have meal against flesh. I;ve gone to several different Drs but they will not touch the knee. They tell me that to do anything would make matters worse. It doesn;tt bother me as much as it did , but when it does the pain is bad, bad. So I can't sleep. Back in 1989 I broke both ankles with extensive surgery done on the left one. I started having pain in the left one off and on about three years ago. On top of all this I;m told I have fibromyalgia and Lupus! I guess it is time to take pain meds as needed. I read about all the struggles of all of you on this site and haven't written and complained because I know so many of you have it worse than me. I admire how you keep fighting in spite of it all. Well, I guess I'll try to sleep. One last thing--I;m proud of all of you and how you keep fighting to have spme enjoyment in spite of the Lupus or anything else. I think being able to vent on this site is a God send! Goodnight.