does anyone else experience overheating? For example, I'm in my home with the central air on. I start doing some laundry and putting clean clothes away. I start to sweat, that my t-shirt and even underwear feel wet! Most of the time, I sweat so bad my hair is soaked. I get that "sweat mustache" (that's attractive) Also, I've been experiencing A LOT of shoulder pain(as soon as I get up in the morning b/c I try to sleep on my side, but the shoulders hurt when I do so) and tenderness in the bicep area of my arms. Sometimes when I'm showering, it actually hurts to run the soap across that part of my arms. I wonder if I'm showing symptoms of Fibro also? Anybody got any ideas?

I get the overheating too! I don't sweat as bad as you do, but I get so hot and somewhat sweaty and I can't cool down and then I get cranky from being so hot. I'm supposed to have my hormone levels checked in July--FSH, estrogen, all that fun female stuff. sometimes I just want to sit in a tub of ice!

Not sure about your shoulder though. Sometimes I get tenderness where it hurts to touch on my tricep area. It's almost like a firey nerve pain, like shingles, but it always goes away within a week. Hope your shoulder and bicep pain/tenderness goes away soon!

Yea I get that overheating too. In fact, I was just wondering if it was me or from the Lupus. Same exact scenario as you. I'm going to ask my doctor if there is anything to do about that because it is gross and annoying! I also get random pains like that, but it is all parts of my body. It will be my hand for a week, then my knee or arm or anywhere. My doctor told me it could be Fibro or just general pain from Lupus. Good luck!

Yes soooo overheated as I write!! Nothing I do cools me down and I feel nacious and cranky!!!

I have severe joint disease in both shoulders and torn rotator cuffs- same as you am unable to sleep on my side and my biceps can get very sore

Yes, I get hot very very easily and it is embarrassing! I feel you!!

oh me, i was just on the fibro site and wrote a discussion about this very thing, i am sitting in the house, air on 70, sitting still and sweating profusely, so sick of it, if you find something out let me know i have been doing this for years, i use to have a underarm odor, that went away, so bad i had to throw out some clothes, couldnt get the smell out no matter what i tried, disgusting,

It’s been in upper 90’s and 100 degrees here. Just getting out to my car I end up soaked and it starts the process of a flare type situation. My feet end up hurting and I use ice packs on them at night. Get a pounding headache. Ringing in my ears. Rash, joints go into pain overdrive. Legs feel like I’ve worked out on weight training machine. Nausea, etc. Heat is NOT my friend. So I do my best to not go anywhere & stay inside with AC on. It is what it is! Fortunately after staying in where it’s cool my symptoms get better. Remembering back when I had a ranch & many horses & I could stay out in it all day. Those days are definitely gone. Thank goodness for lupus forums & blogs. I’m able to read how others deal. Don’t feel so alone.

I was just wondering the exact same thing!! Thank you do much for posting this. I swear like crazy! Even in inside with central air. By the time I get across the parking lot at work I feel awful. I am sweating, my legs are on fire, I have a headache and feel generally sick. For about a hour or two of getting home I feel nauseated and way of heated. My face feels like its on fire and my feet too. It’s been in the 80s here with high humidity. The minute I step outside all the symptoms start. Everything hurts!

I hate to put a damper on this discussion. I, too, get overheated easily and sweat like a pig. But so do lots of women I know and they do not have Lupus. I may be wrong, but I'm not sure we can charge lupus with overheating...??

I get hot and cold...it's either one extreme or the other. I also have the shoulder pain. For a long time it was just on the right side and I couldn't figure out what was causing it. My rheumy sent me to physical therapy, which seemed to help for a while, but the pain didn't really ever go away. Whenever I have symptoms like these, I always assume it is Lupus related. However, it could be something else. Best thing to do is talk to your doctor, but just know that you may not get any answers, other than that it could be related to Lupus or another autoimmune disorder...or it could be something totally unrelated to Lupus.

I’m also a sweater. I just thought it was a hormonal thing. I’ve always been this way with regards to sweating and having a hormonal imbalance. I change my clothes several times a day and besides showering every morning, I wash up halfway through the day. I sometimes take a shower at night before bed, too so I can feel cool, clean and comfortable and get a good nights sleep. There’s nothing like climbing into a bed with fresh linens and a fresh clean body at night. Feels so good.

I'm in the same club - I think you should look at your meds - some of them cause sweating

Bingo! You answered your own question !! Fibro!!! Yes it will pop up at any moment ,making the body sore and teased . Let your doctor know about this as soon as possible…Beverly L.

Definitely get hot many times a day! When I take my temp it is 100 degrees to 99. Also, get shoulder pains

Omg…YES, YES, YES!!! Sweaty like a pig. Ac on in the house and if I start vacuuming or something I end up dripping sweat all over! My face gets beat red also like a tomato. Looks like I’m about to have a heart attack. It never used to be this bad. I was wondering if it could be the steroids or some of the other meds. If anyone figures this out please let us know. It is very embarrassing! I do also have fibro.

Hi, I’ve been having hot and cold flashes lately also, but the weather has been so crazy here , I really say what is causing those moments , but I hope it stop soon, and hope that you feel better soon !..Beverly L.

Oh my goodness!!!! I thought I was the only one going through this. I really thought it was menopause related. Sometimes I feel like I am on fire. I get this burning feeling on the inside and start sweating.

Me, too!!! I just got my hair cut shorter so it is off my neck because I sweat so much it literally drips down my back off my hair !!! I have been told it could be the steroids but I have dropped my dose from 20mg per day to 5mg per day and it isn’t any better. If anyone has suggestions, I am all ears…

Hi, you are not the only one never think that !!smile. A lot of us are having this and we really can’t say what cause this. But do your best to handle it…Beverly L.

Panda Bear said:

Oh my goodness!!! I thought I was the only one going through this. I really thought it was menopause related. Sometimes I feel like I am on fire. I get this burning feeling on the inside and start sweating.