Tonight my husband disclosed that I have Lupus to someone he knew professionally but we were out with socially...She first looked shocked and then she asked if we have difficulty being on the same wave length. She then said she is close with someone (?) who does fund raising for Lupus! We were with a group of people so I didn't get to ask the questions I wanted to, but it made me feel good there are people who know what we go through. My husband is more awake too!

Hello Kathy,

That shows your hubby as alot of concern for you and by telling the person who knows about may have helped him and they could have discussed there's concerns.

The lady asking you about the same wave length may have seen so much with her friend who raises money for charity and may have been looking at the difference in how it affects we all differently....i thought that was nice to be chatting with someone who knows about it like your hubby.

I get annoyed because it is recognised more in the states because i've spoken to people if i've been out with ste and i mays well be talking to deaf ears....nobody knows about it and then they start asking about it more, then i actually thing after what was the point of all that.

Well i'm pleased for you both kathy and it shows the concern you hubby as mate.

All my love to you Terry xxx

That is wonderful. I am glad she did not look at your husband like he had four heads on his shoulders and ask what is Lupus! LOL! Jump on it!

Hello Kathy,

I hope your keeping well....have you spoken since to that lady your hubby introduced you to, if you don't mind me asking.

Love Terri xxx