Oh great Fibromyalgia

I haven't been on here much lately because I was in the midst of a flare. After I came home from the hospital I began to feel even worse. I have been in extreme pain all the time, every time someone or something touches me all I can do is scream. My daughter and grandson wanted to play and it hurt me that I was unable to play with them. I have been trying my tramadol and the oxycodone and nothing is relieving the pain. So I called my Rheumy today and she tried to exam me and I flinched every time she touched me because of the pain. So she told me that she believes I now have Fibromyalgia and then she prescribed me Lyrica. As if I needed another prescription. Is anyone else on Lyrica and has it helped? Is there light at the end of the tunnel or is this something that I have to deal with from now on? I've missed being on here especially since I have needed the support of my LWL family to help me through this. Anyway thanks for letting me vent.

Hi Nu,

Christ mate this is all you need but when your body gets unbearable to touch it's our nerves...we've missed having you on here Nu but someone as you know will answer about "Lyrica" in due course and if your going to take it lets hope it works quick.

Nu here's a link on it, the drugs to control seizures, nerves and fibro, so best of luck mate.


Thinking of you dearly Terri xxx

I have experienced the same pain, all over everywhere. I don’t have health insurance and have been taking Plaquinil for almost 3 years. I see a rheum. for the first time next week. I’m hoping he has samples that can help me out. I hear ya about all of the scripts! Hope you are feeling better soon!

Hello Nu,

Hows your pain now mate i know it can't go easier over night but i just hope it's a slight and how you feeling about having Fibro if it is definitely that besides??

All my love to you Terri xxx

I'm still struggling with this flare, I've still been in pain but not as bad the lyrica seems to be working. I had an episode that is similiar to a seizure today and I am completely exhausted. The thought is that it is Fibro and I'm not sure how I feel about having it on top of lupus. Especially with the pain that I've experienced I thought the lupus pain was pain enough. Anyway remaining positive and hanging in here.

Hello Nu,

So to hear your still struggling mate as these flares can be a nightmare and it's according to what's invloved that makes we struggle but glad to hear the lyrica is helping.

Nu i just hope you have'nt got epilepsy starting you need to keep a watchful eye on that and if it persists see your gp or specialist don't mess about where that's concerned and they do exhaust you bad.

Well Nu i do feel for you because having fibro ontop of Lupus will be a hell of alot for your mind and body to handle but like you say it's all about keeping positive and my heart goes out to you mate on this.

((Hugs to you Nu)) xxxx