Numbness in fingers

Hi everyone. Have any of you experienced numbness in your fingers? I’ve been experiencing a slight numbness on three fingers on my right hand. It’s constant. I have SLE, Sjogrens, and a host of other autoimmune related disorders. I’m feeling like my usual lupus self otherwise. Anyone?

I like to work on embroidery, and if I work too long my fingers get numb, it lasts a couple of hours but eventually subsides, I don't know why this happens, I just assume its just another symptom on my very long list of things that happen when you have lupus. Hang in there, feel better

It may very well be Rynauds. It too is associated with autoimmune conditions, let your Dr know. Best wishes.

Often I also drop things due to the numbness I have mentioned it to my doc but he never has any reply

I have numbness and painful tingling in my finger tips and often feet and limbs as well… I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy by my neurologist 2 1/2 years ago , its always most intense when im in a bad flare which is about every couple of weeks. Besides neuropathy I know a low b12 can cause numbness as well as circulation issues .good luck:)

Well I have the numbness thru out my body especially the left side it is causing me to walk with a limp. I am starting to experience pain in my left hip and my joints are beginning to bother me. I don’t know what to do I see my doctor next month we will discuss this with my other problems I am having. All I can say is stay strong and don’t get to discouraged talk to people that love you and tries to understand what you are going thru. Because that’s all they can do is try to understand what you are going thru. Take care and keep your head up. :slight_smile:

I have the numbness going thru my whole body especially left side. It is causing me to walk with a limp which is causing my hip and joints to hurt. All I can say is Tay strong and keep your head up.

Stay strong and surround yourself with people that will try to understand you. Because they dont have lupus that’s all they can do is try and understand. Take care. :slight_smile:

I had numbness on my left side you need to have it checked asap. I had numbness in my feet arms legs tummy and chest. Cone to find out by tests that I had Nero poly. It dometimes comes with lupus. And the ugly part is it kills your nerves. They dont grow back. Its permanent. I have to take pills 3 tines aday or it will kill all the nerves. But from what I was told if its still numb you still have a good part. But once you stop feeling sgain they said they are gone. Go get checked.

Just last night I was holding a heavy pan and when I took my hand off it was stuck. I couldn't straighten any finger, they took awhile to come back and I had to shake them out. I do have a lot of pain in both hands too also cold all the time. I probably have Reynaud's too besides SLE.

I have had that. It’s probably neuropathy, Raynaud’s or even swelling if your hands are swollen. Some other things that can cause it that are associated with Lupus are Vasculitis and CIDP. I was diagnosed with both. I don’t think you have CIDP at all though if it’s only your fingers. The CIDP typically comes on after an illness however. For clarence that said they have numbness in places all over and now are losing function, you need to be checked for CIDP as soon as you can by a neurologist. This condition is rare but vastly under diagnosed as well. Vasculitis can also cause numbness in places all over. Your rheumatologist can see you for that.

I hope you all get better soon!

I believe I have Raynaulds, but I do know that I also have carpel tunnel. My rheumy put me through all kinds of X-rays and the test to check for carpel tunnel. I wear wrist braces at night now and it helps tremendously!

Depends on the 3 fingers one set designates ulnar nerve compression and another set denotes median nerve compression commonly known as carpal tunnel It can come with excess use of your hands, obesity, pregnancy and of course as part of the inflammation fro the auto immune disorders And sometimes numbness in your fingers can come from compression in your cervical spine

that's how my neuropathy manifests itself.

Acupuncture helps.

I experience numbness in my fingers at times. My rheumy wanted to rule out carpel tunnel syndrome, but then I started showing symptoms that were consistent with secondary Sjogren’s Syndrome and secondary Raynaud’s. I have SLE, Type 1 Diabetes, and Alopecia Totalis (that I know of). The tingling and numbness for me was most likely Raynaud’s related, because I don’t have carpel tunnel and although my Diabetes is not the best that it’s ever been, it’s probably not bad enough to cause neuropathy in my hands. It’s really frustrating because with autoimmune conditions, so many symptoms are considered “overlapping” and can be related to several conditions. Hope you find the answer to your mystery and that you are feeling well.

I've mentioned this before. Also this may or may not be the answer.

I had severe numbness in my last three fingers, left and right hands. I thought it was the lupus, or the Sjogren's or the autoimmune hep for several years. I suddenly developed severe sharp pains in my shoulders arms and hands. Turned out to be two herniated disks in my neck.

Check out poobie's last sentence.

You got to hold on.

I get numbness in the balls of my feet, right under my toes. Not painful , just numb. I do take gabapentin to help. The severity of the neuropathy varies from hour to hour, day to day.

I have the same problem. I was diagnosed with Raynauds syndrome.

I too have this neuropathy issue which is getting progressively worse. I have Rhumatologist appointment Monday. She put me on gabapentin but hasn’t helped yet. Should I be adding a neurologist to my list of “ists”? Of can the Rhumatologist suffice?

I have this too! Just curious is it your middle ring and pinky fingers? I used to get it when I wrote too much, for school, I but now it comes and goes willy nilly. I’ve told my doctor about it and he’s never diagnosed me with any kind of syndrome nor has he given me any medicine to address it… Hmmmm…