Tingling in hands

I'm noticing that my hands/fingers have been tingling with more frequency. Usually I would feel it when I woke up in the morning. Either my whole hand or just my fingers would feel like they were tingling. (feels like little pins) Now, though, the tingling seems to happen,not only in the morning but also when I crochet, type, write or mop/sweep. I'm also feeling what feels like (numb) vibrations in some of my toes. Has anyone felt anything like this?

I get the tingles too. I’ve been diagnosed with fibro as well as lupus and also sjogren’s. my doc said any one of those things could be a factor. One thing that has helped a bit is that I sleep with either a pillow or a blanket wadded up and hold it. It keeps my arm a little elevated which I think helps some. If the tingles are in my feet I elevate them with a few pillows under my legs. Some nights I can’t even fall asleep cause the tingles are so bad and I’m right there with you on the fine motor skills. I had just really learned to crochet and loved it before I had to put it down. On my good days I might be able to do a couple lines but thanks to my Swiss cheese brain, it takes me half that time to remember how to do the stitches lol. I hope you find something that helps.

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I also suffer from Fibromyalgia, Lupus and more recently Erythromelalgia. Do look this condition up as my symptoms started with pins and needles and progressed to burning sensations. It has taken me four years to get this diagnosis. Unfortunately not many doctors or consultants are familiar with Erythromelalgia. It is just a thought that this info might help you.

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I have both carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve entrapment and what helps me is to wear wrist splints at night- you can get them at Walmart and inexpensive too but work like a charm

Once in a while I will get tingling. But more so pain and stiffness especially in the extreme cold and now lately I've noticed in the extreme heat as well. I would definitely contact your Rheumy!

thanks everyone for your input. my appt with my rheumy is next week and I'll definitely bring this up

This is a new symptom for me too! Let us know what your rheumy says! Take care

I have been tingling for a long time now, and my rheumy has not brought up the idea of fibro. I have it extrememly bad when I have been in the sun for long periods of time. The mornings are the worst or drinking a cold drink. I would love to know what your doctor says. Great topic!!!

I do tingle quite often too. Today as I was driving my left hand and fingers were really bizarre! Also my left shoulder and down my leg a little, thought maybe I twisted my neck wrong! We just never know what is next. It's good we can share. Great to hear that you can crochet!!

It could also be nerve damage from the Lupus.

I hadn't thought about that, but I do have a few spinal and neck problems. Maybe a lot of it is from the lupus. Good point!

I have neuropathy related to Lupus. It affects my right hand and both legs. Diagnosed with a nerve conduction study and an EMG that my neurologist did. Neurontin helps with the symptoms and cellcept helps control the lupus. I agree that your Rheumy should know about your symptoms. Hope it goes well.