New to this site...have a question about hives

Hello all...

I am a 43 year old woman diagnosed with SLE Lupis in 2012. I have had significant skin involvement throughout the course of my illness including Malar rash on face and chest. Since the beginning of this spring I have developed hives on my arms,legs and trunk which last several days at a time. They fade, then I develop new ones. They are extremely ichy and at times painful and seem to be sun/heat related.

I use sun block and practice sun avoidance faithfully, but these hives will develop on areas of my skin that have had no sun exposure.My questions are: Does anyone else experience this? Any thoughts on treatments? Benedryl helps some but that makes me so sleepy I can't function. Any thoughts would be appreciated

Have you had bloodwork lately? My arms and eye have done this. One of my ANA tests showed scleroderma. I ended up needing steroids and a shot of steroid too plus antibiotics to clear it up. 2nd Ana test was negative for that. It could just be the way you react to a flare up? I’d definitely contact your rheumatoligist

Hi Jade,
I was diagnosed in Oct 2013 and have had all kinds of bizarre skin issues! In addition to the malar rash that can heat up and feel like it’s burning I get these weird little sores anywhere, but primarily on my face, eyelids and ears. It looks like a spot of dry skin but itches and is all red underneath. I treat those with a steroid cream and it helps. I had these two bizarre red spots on my arm. They eventually disappeared. I have all kinds of ugly weird spots in my legs that itch like crazy, I use Sarna cream to calm the itch. I have a nasty red spot on my forehead now. No itch, just ugly and doesn’t go away. Maybe skin cancer (just what I need!). I keep track and show everything to the rheumy to treat if needed.
Good luck!

Are you on an immunosuppressant? I had this happening on my chest and shoulders on and off for a few months. I would think it was getting better then it would come back. Went to the dermatologist and he said it was an infection that I probably picked up due to low immunity. Gave me an oral antibiotic and it was gone in a week and never happened again.

Thank you for the responses. Rheumy says that it is not a flare at this point; but that they are sun related hives...not fun

anyone else get sun hives?????