My Pain Doc Told Me New Legislation About Anesthesia May Put Pain Mgmt Clinics Out of Business

So I made a petition on It's at:

I have a great physician at a pain mgmt clinic that gives me radiofrequency ablations and cortisone shots that have greatly improved my quality of life. He said that the clinic he works at which is reknown in Arizona may have to close down if new legislation about only being allowed to use single vials of anesthesia vs multiple vials of anesthesia may put him out of business. They will no longer be able to afford to do treatments. And then they will no longer be able to afford good physicians and will end up with a bunch of PA's. There goes the quality care! And why should it matter, they always change the syringes between patients!

So I wholeheartedly support this. And if you do too and want to see quality pain mgmt centers stay in bus in the US, then please sign. AND pass it ON!

Thanks so much, LOVE and HUGS, Julie


I wish you the best of luck with this compain and i hope alot of US supporters will help you.

Hugs Terri xxx

hey i just saw this and look forward to signing...the site says it is down for maintenance...will check again tomor