New Canadian Pain Drug Laws. Will You Be Affected?

I may have told you this, can't remember. If not, on Feb 29 Canada banned oxycodone to anyone but cancer patients. I don't take it so I thought it wouldn't affect me, but when I wennt to my Dr. this week, she gave me an earful about how the law now says no one but cancer victims should be on opiate pain meds, and she believed it! I told her there are a lot of conditions out there more painful than cancer and that last for decades, unlike cancer. She said hundreds of thousands will be taken off their pain meds. (this will cause suicides!) This law won't stop abusers from getting their stuff illegally, it only stops lawful citizens in pain from getting help. They also changed the oxycodone so if you take more than 1 you'll get sick! What cancer victim needs to be made sicker by his pain meds?

Is there anyone who has heard an earful from their own doctors? Will your Dr. keep you on your pain meds or take them away? I'm going to do what I can from bed to get this changed, with other pain sufferers.

i had a similar situation with drabinol and the va its generic maranol to help with side effects of all the medications i was on at age 34 i was taking 26 pills a day and im not on as many meds any more but ive been having seizures , drug regulations needs to be mandated by drs and not politics , yes there is an epidemic but chances are those in the under world or black market will still continue to keep their market going , and your going to have the sleezy dr who doesnt care and will mess everything up for those who are simple in search of a managable life i mean hell if uthinasia is illegal than why make ppl with life long disablities suffer for the few

me ive been on oxycodone 4 x a day best thing that happened to me I went to see a pain specialist and he took me off them entirely. I’ve been writing notes to supervisors trying to win this ffight… who do u we I saw st lukes pain specialist. He gave me a muscle relaxer and physical therapy I see my medical doc today and she hopefully will pers ribe them but I’m scared because they are in the same network. Am I not too going to the right doctor

Hi Janelle,
I have been on opiates for 18 years, but 2 days ago, my Dr. pulled out a form for me to sign with 3 pages of things I had to agree to on it. The rules have always been the same as on these forms, but now they are just making us sign to agree to it. They are getting really hard on doctors for using opiates, and the pain specialists get the hardest time, because they have to fill out paperwork for each of us explaining why we need the opiates, and if their reason isn’t good enough, THEY get in trouble. So they are getting scared. Even a few hospitals have gone opiate free, which is scary, because that’s where you need them! I found a family Dr. who was willing to defend me to the gov’t and fill out the forms without fear. You might ask around to find family doctors who don’t mind dealing with opiates. Pain clinics are getting targeted the worst from the gov’t. US AND CANADA. So many who can’t get their pain meds anymore are going to medical marijuana. There are different strains or breeds now, some for epilepsy, some for pain, some for nausea, so they really are like a medical plant rather than a plant to get high on. There are also many ways of taking it rather than smoking it. I am not telling you to do that, just saying that the opiate laws have become so cruel, that’s one way people are going. Sadly, the laws that were meant to stop opiate deaths, are making more of them, because so many are now seeking pain pills on the streets, where they don’t know what has been mixed in with them, and whose kitchen they were made in, and they are dangerous. I hope you can find a Dr. who is not scared to help you out. There are plenty out there.
Best wishes,

Thanks pray I do I just got back from medical dr and they’re cutting me off from them completely she said she can’t help me because I saw pain specialist and he said no opiates for people with lupus. So now I have none. I just called my lupus dr. To see if she’ll perscribe them. I can’t walk without them. Right now I’m taking kratom. It really works for pain but I’m not gonna take it tomorrow for physically therapy maybe theyll notify the dr how bad it is. Going to pain specialist dug me more in a hole I should prob cancel my appt for a bew one tom.

Should I call me insurance company if i dont take kratom or pain meds… back to er.

Thanks for telling me there’s help right now I don’t feel that way plus I’m 26 and they say I’m too young. Which is messed up because there’s so much I wanna do and I was diagnosed with this at 4 yrs old

Oh Janelle I’m really concerned! You’ll have to go through withdrawal! If you can make another appt with GP, talk to her about methadone, because it helps with withdrawal but also with the pain. Ask her what other meds she can offer for withdrawal. That’s insane to not get them for lupus. Find another Dr. Lupus is more painful than most cancers, and painful for decades! Our quality of life is lower than most cancer patients due to that pain. If no help from Dr. regarding withdrawal, you may have to go to the ER and ask them what they have to help for pain until you can find another Dr. or even ask which GPs could help you, considering you are immobile and will lose job and become immobile and lose so much without help with pain. If you and your pharmacist know each other and he/she knows that you have been a compliant patient, you can often ask to talk to them privately for a minute and ask if they know of a Dr. who could help, and explain all that you could lose without pain control.
Also ask if your Dr. or the pain specialist knows about low dose naltrexone (LDN), it helps a lot of people. You are the first person I’ve met who said they were helped by Kratom. I have talked to many who tried it, but none that it helped. That’s cool!

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We have a lot in common, they think I was born with lupus, I was born with some bizarre inflammation issues, but I didn’t get diagnosed until I was 21. Too young to be in debilitating pain? I just keep praying that people will go to their gov’t leaders and complain and show what they are suffering and I’m sure there will be more deaths from suicide due to pain than ever died from opiate overdoses. THIS NEW LAW NEEDS TO BE CHANGED! I saw a cool video about why the war on drugs won’t be won the way the US is doing it. It says that denying people of any item, creates MORE of a demand and more expense for it. Other countries have made such great success in this area, and with helping people in pain.
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Insurance companies can’t help. This is between your Dr. and the government’s new rules. There are doctors willing to help, but they are still limited to how much they can give out to each person.

I have been on Norco (1 pill a day) for about 4 years now. When they were first prescribed to me, I had no idea what it was, I just knew it brought me back to life. I felt no pain, and would get refills electronically by my rheumy. I did increase from 5/325 to 7.5/325 but still only took one a day.

About a year ago, my rheumy said, oh no, sorry, can’t prescribe that anymore, you need to go to pain Mgmt. Pain Mgmt wouldn’t give them to me either, put me on a regimen of gabapentin and nortriptlene, all the while surviving off of the old prescriptions I had. I got a couple of prescriptions here and there through urgent care on different occasions without even asking! They just gave it to me for what I was there for.

Just last week, I went to a new rheumy because I moved and he right off the bat without me asking said, “I do not prescribe Norco or anything like that, you have to go to a pcp for that”. I have had to find other ways to get it because I have 4 kids, a husband and work full time and cannot get through my days without it. I am not an abuser and am very disciplined and its unfortunate that they are doing this.

Based on what I have seen these past few years with the doctors flat out saying no, this is happening. It will affect so many people that are in real pain.

So true. The majority of us are very compliant and need it just to function. I don’t even take the amount that was prescribed to me. I have some left over at the end of the month. There is such a low addiction rate among people with severe pain. Your body can get dependent on it, and go through withdrawal, but addiction is when you want to take more just to get high. The contract I had to sign a few days ago said that 4% of those using opiates for severe pain will become addicted. So why is the government punishing the other 96%? In Feb 2014 when this new law changed, there were news stories about how many suicides and suspected suicides occurred due to not being able to get the pain control they needed just to function, and now that these laws have been changed again, I’m sure there will be more. Sometimes it feels like they are weeding out the sickest people to let them die, to save medicare/medicaid money.

your not gonna believe this but I called my doctor pain specialist wrote him heartfelt letter. We didnt even discuss meds at the appt. Just therapy. I called the office today and the nurse told me that he says I’m a drug seeker and he won’t talk to me. I’m leaving st lukes network entirely. My PcP is part of st lukes so she got the message didnt even tell me. She just said she can’t prescribe them to me now. So I do what they say go to pain specialist and get f* over even more. And now I get a 5 day of colozapam which has helped reynauds for 5 days only and I have to call it in. This is so funny because I didn’t even mention pain meds to pain specialist. I talked to nurse and said you don’t think I’m in pain with cns systemic lupus reynauds glomerneuphritis and Mct. They want Us to be incapable. The kratom works but high amounts only and I don’t like side effects. Theyve lied and ive had no reason for them to think I was abusing them.

I I just need prayers all my tests come up positive so I can shove it in they’re face they should be sued.

When I called I said st Luke is no longer aloud to release my medical records to anyone

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So sorry, most of us have been through that accusation, I was kept away from pain relief for 20 years because the town I lived in all thought that way. That’s how all doctors have been taught in medical school, to suspect drug seekers more than to treat those in severe pain. Many doctors have told me they were only taught one morning about opiates, out of 6 years of medical school. They were not taught that dependence and addiction are different. They were taught that anyone taking these meds are suddenly addicts seeking a high. They are not taught that we are seeking relief from suffering. The doctors who become more compassionate and knowledgeable and less judgemental to pain patients, are those who studied the world of pain and opiates on their own.

I think you mean clonazepam, but how can YOU call in a prescription? You’re not a Dr. who can prescribe.

You need to find the higher authorities over St. Lukes to get a copy of your medical records for yourself. LEGALLY THEY ARE YOURS! Then you can share them with whichever Doctor you want. I had to threaten the records department with sending my lawyer over there to get my records.

Pardon? You told the nurse you don’t think you are in pain with all of those things?

Sorry i said you dont think im in pain with all these things? I could tell she felt bad