My own experience with mind, body

Tuesday, I had a profound experience I want to share with you all. First, I want to say I intellectually understood this concept of mind body connection however, I had not experienced it like I did on Tuesday. I am single and have been for a few years, I reconnected with a past love of mine, 5 months ago we live in different states, we shared a lot together through email, phone, texting. He was going to visit in March for our birthdays, as the time drew closer I was getting pains in my throat, pains down my spine, I was having a difficult time breathing, my head was heavy, I have been sleeping more I began to feel I was having the beginnings of another lupus flare.

I was so scarred, I sat down and journaled which I had been doing for last week. I realized for many reasons this visit was not in my best interest but I kept thinking how fun it would be to have this time together. I have not dated in 2 years, so I was really looking forward to spending time together. I will share there were things like short texts, no phone calls and so on that I became suspicious of anyway, a light went on in my head that said NO I don't want this visit. I sent him an email right away. Then I sat on the couch and within 5 minutes.. I am not kidding, my symptoms went away!! I was and continue to be amazed how letting go of this stressful situation changed my physical symptoms dramatically.

I am sharing this because there are times in our life when what looks good isn't and we have to say NO. I believe Lupus has "a part" that is do to emotions we carry in our body.

I agree that stress is a big part of physical symptoms regarding any illness.

Wow wow wow that is really something. It’s almost down right scary. How much do we care around with us? Thanks for sharing that. I will be thinking about that for a long time.

i think what you shared is so important for all of us to be aware of it inside ourselves. Journaling is a great way to help find that self discovering. Just asking if you are sick because of something or someone and let your pen loose to guide you has been eye opener for me.

We have these diseases and they are real and there are times in our lives when it is just the disease but there are just as many times when we control the disease by our emotions, or not listening to ourselves, by doing things we know are not in our best interests.

Using journaling or even drawing a picture than journal what it means to you are all excellent ways to discover the deep part of yourself that most of us avoid feeling or dealing with daily or even monthly. Why we are not in places we want to be. I don't think it is a sure fire way to put like lupus in complete remission but if you truly write or draw and listen to the deep conscious side the one really deep inside you, you may not go in complete remission but you will feel so much better.

because if you are sick, emotional part if you really listen and follow what your gut says to do, you may be not well but it will not be overwhelming where that is all you think about or feel all day. It will be more like nasty mosquito bugging you!

I think what your shared took a lot of guts but i am glad, reminded me with recent loss of both my dogs ( in less than 2 weeks) how journaling can help me with my grief. So thank you..can help with all one's problems. Best part is, if you get really stuck, and journaling just keeps leading you but you know you have not yet found the answer...going to a counselor you can just get to work on that...might only take one visit and so much can be lifted if you have a relationship with a good therapist or counselor. thank you so much for sharing what really had to be hard and putting yourself out there so others might also learn how much journaling can assist any of us. thank you so very much.

Find a book you really like to use as journal...i personally think handwriting can lead you faster but some do use the computer and get as good results...guess it just depends. If you like to draw or use both, those hardbound art sketch books, the 8 x 11 at least are excellent. thick enough to allow you use many mediums but also write on back once dry if watercoloring.

I believe it also. I’ve had those experiences and made the mistake by still doing what is bad for me. The consequences I had to pay were not worth it. I noticed when I didn’t have certain situations going on in my life and I let go of things even if it hurt me after I was feeling myself again. I didn’t flare up badly for almost two years. I excelled in college, maybe some down days here and there. Nothing like I am feeling now or had felt in my past. Its crazy how emotions and Lupus connect and explaining it to someone is hard because its hard to believe myself.

I have many experiences with this. Most of the time it involved toxic people that stressed me out. Most recently I discovered my oldest son was the cause of major stress in my life (sad but true). He recently moved out and is going to college, working, and in a play and I feel like this huge weight is off my shoulders. My other kids are getting along better, my husband and I aren’t snapping at eachorher, quite frankly I feel calm enough now to consider going on a diet/exercise program to lose the 30 lbs I’ve put on over the past few very stressful years. I love my son but he is very high strung and needs to control everything in his environment including the people. He rhreatened suicide when he didn’t get into the college of his choice last year despite the fact that he was the one who chose not to study etc… Anyway, not only are we more relaxed wirh him gone but he is happier being out on his own. I can actually enjoy spending time with him without an arguement flaring up within 5 minutes. Now if my parents health would improve and we win the lottery I would be totally stress free…lol Within a week of him moving out, the chest pains I was having were gone. So stress is definitely bad for us. I even avoid my parents and siblings when I’m not feeling well as they can stress me out very badly. So being aware and doing a mental self check is very helpful. I don’t journal but I keep a mental dialogue going. (hurts too much to write for extended periods) Anyhoo, I just wanted to thank you for reminding us of the importance of being aware of our stress. Gentle hugs, Annemarie

Being able to live like this, Flower, is a great way to live. The total mind, body connection does so much for us. The biggest problem I have had over the 30 years I have tried to practice this is letting myself get too busy to take time to sit quietly and meditate. Mothers are especially bad about letting the "others' in our life override what we need to do. Great reminder for all of us. Thanks for posting this. Gentle hugs

Hi Flower,

I agree with you 100%. I had been working a 40 hour a week job for two years at a call center that I really wasn't happy at. Looking back for the past 18 months I have been "sick" headache, fatigue, chronic pain, etc. Finally come this past November I applied for disability and just stopped working. I believe strongly in God and I knew he would not leave my side. I live with my mother already so I just needed to lean on her a little bit harder for a short time. I was approved for social security disability within 4 weeks and am now collecting retroactive pay back to May 2013 when they determined me disabled from medical records and I get a monthly check that is more than I was making working because of all the time I was taking out sick.

Stress is so important to keep in check, probably the most important thing. If you are feeling stressed and starting to have physical symptoms it is time to change.

God Bless You and I hope we can chat again,


Wow! Thank you for sharing your experience. I think back and remember how much better I am now that I separated myself from toxic people, people that stressed me with criticism and overall unhappiness. Emotional vampires is what some call them. Dr. Phil calls them BAITERS (Backstabbers, Abusers, Imposters, Takers, Exploiters and Reckless). I read his book "Life Code" and it truly helped me create boundaries to protect myself from some of these folks - a LOT of them family members I'm ashamed to say. Always trust your gut! I'm glad you did just that Flowere!

Yes !! That is so true!!!! You know what is best for you and the thought of what ever happened the first time around is still there somewhere and your BODY said , "NO", so don't go against your body, that's for real , like the old saying says, Mother's know best , well Lupus knows BEST also! LOL so sorry if this sound harsh , please forgive me , but a vibe like that and how it went away is the best answer to keep a flare from happening -smile talk with you later ...Beverly L.


How wonderful! Thanks for sharing this experience...