My eyes

I am not sure if it lack of sleep, or just medications. For the past few days I am seeing spots..white spots. Sometime things look cloudy. Not like when I get foggy and cant think. Just like not being able to focus right?

Are you on plaquanil? I had trouble with vision when I was on that med and had to come off of it. I don't know about all the other meds. Of course Lupus can strike any part of us, and eyes are not exempt I guess...I would talk to doc about it....and talk and talk if they don't hear you the first time. I had to talk to three diff docs about the vision problem I was having before my cardiologist heard me and told me it was because of the arrhythmia and lack of blood to my eyes. The others (prior to card) told me a) it was an hallucination, and B) said they didn't know and left it hanging

I have noticed the same thing Rae. I recently started taking cellcept and it seems to be worse for a while after I take it. Do you happen to be taking the same drug? I'm going to talk to my rheumy about it. But...I remember that being one of the questions he asked on my first visit. May be the lupus????

Hi Rae,

I was thinking plaquenil as that can causes issues with the eyes but i'd see either your GP or specialist about the "Aleve" your taking as that can cause eye problems besides other meds.

Here's a few links i'd look at besides member's helping, as the first link is about Aleve your taking.

((Hugs Terri)) xxx

Hi Rae... if you are under Plaquinol or Corticosteroid you CAN have some troubles on your vision.
Plaquinol can cause Retinal problems and Corticosteroid can cause Glaucoma or Cataract.

If you take any of these drugs you have to look an ophthalmologist at least once a year.
And if you have these spots right now, you should go as soon as you can!