Movement problem

Does any one have this problem, my legs go numb and i can not move them, my arms r doing it too, also my hands freez up and i have trouble with fine motor skills, i got dizzy and lost muscle strength, called a amubalnce, my speech gets slurried, this happened yesterday, i check my self out and told the nuro doc to go to hell, he wanted to admitt me to a mental hospital, this stuff happens in spring and fall, sometimes after a virus or infection. i have blood vessels problems, my legs go blue and cold and the ones in my brain r affected too. any help

Rebecca I have had all the same problems as you do. Kid your not alone non of us are. What happens to each of us is difficult for others to understand. Thats what it seems to be the problem with that neurologist you seen. I’m lucky enough to know most of the drs in my local ER personally so when I’m taken in they understand. Sry you had to go through that.

I’m sorry you had to go through that. I have similar problems, I have fallen several times. I know it’s not “normal” but I think, because it comes and goes, Dr’s have a hard time diagnosing what it is. I have left my Neuro’s office many times feeling like I was going crazy! I have found it improves while I am on steroids and IVIG seems to help as well. I know it must be due to inflamation of nerves or connective tissue, but no clue why it happens.
I do know that you are NOT alone and it is NOT all in your head! I hope you find answers and relief soon.

He was just the dude on call, My nuro doc. did a mri a couple weeks ago and she told me i had small vasculer problems in my brain due to autoimmune problem. and yes it is because of imflammation of my nerves, i also have automatic nerve problems and yes cortisone helps. thank you everyone, it helps talking to other people who know what i am going through. Becky

OMGsh! You need to be checked ASAP for a condition calked Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP)! It happens after a virus or illness and it comes and goes. It’s very common for people with autoimmune diseases! I have this and you are describing exactly what I had! I now get IVIG infusions monthly and am doing sooo much better! The treatment for this is steroids and IVIG. The sooner you get treated the less chance of permanent nerve damage. You need to see a neurologist for this. I would call around first and ask the Neuro receptionists if they treat people with CIDP because it is a very rare disease. Please get checked as soon as you can! Take care! Hugs- Tina

Hi Rebecca.

I am so sorry to hear about your medical issues. It sounds serious and should be evaluated. If you have a PCP who is aware of your illness, have them refer you to a specialist. Never fails though. Whatever some doctors can't explain, they assume its mental. That is not always the best assumption. I'd rather they take the time to rule out everything else first.

Twice, I've had muscle issues. Hands, arms, legs. I was absolutely miserable. Last year, I was told my symptoms were caused by an antibiotic and I was allergic. Recently, I found out my blood sugar was 500+. I started taking Metformin to resolve the problem but it caused another problem. I threw up for 4 days. While I was hospitalized, they told me I was allergic to the blue color in the Metformin but after using Humalog, all my muscle issues were gone.

Sometimes, I get so fed up with going to see doctors but I think we should try to avoid suffering whenever possible. In my case, getting treatment actually caused more harm than good but in the end, it was worth it.

Take care of yourself and feel better soon.

It's okay ! Many of us go through this also. Really the doctors have some clue but hey , there is nothing that they can do , i write it off as part of Lupus!!! Sleeping with a heating pad for now 3.5 years i don't relate it to my doctor any more , hope that you get this under control..Beverly L.

Thank u all for helping, My cns is my main problem, then fribro, lungs, joints, sun problems, vitamin dif. and they found small vascular problem in my brain, it is in my legs and feet too, i have raynauds. get sick easy, fatigue, and the e.r. docs. are idiots.