Migrains and lupus

does any one have this happen to them, i have migrain due to haveing the lupus, i have had this feeling before after i had a migrain, but i havent had it for a long time, now well about a week a ago now i had a bad cold it was actually a chest infect and flu, i went to bed my tempratur was sky hie, it caused me to have a migrain then it went in to a fit , i had two fits one after the other, was rushed in to hospital, ifelt sick and so ill with it, the chest infect hasnt gone quite , but since haveing the fits and that migrain happen ,its left me feeling not right in my self. the onky way i can explain it is the atmospher dont seem right around me ,and cos i know i dont feel right ive worried about my self so much which makes me worse i know, i just havent felt me self , its abit like depression i spose, but cos the atmospher dont seem right around me i worrys itsa horrible feeling, does any one else suffer with that sort of feeling after haveing migrains with lupus i just wonderd, xx

Wow. I hope you are feeling better. Don't give up on trying to figure out what is going on with that feeling you get after the migraine. I do get migraines and sometimes feel like I am dreaming when I am awake. Very weird but I have never had them together. It is scary when you feel something is wrong but don't know what is causing it. Hard not to worry but it does help to talk to others who experience similar issues.

aww hello corrina , thankyou so much for writeing back to me yeh your right its a scarey feeling to have what ive been feeling the last week well its wearing of now ime glad to say i know it does but its like with me or any one ya do worry ya self when you know you dont feel right , which makes things alot worse, before i had the chest infection and migrain happen ive been so stressed over somthing for such a long time had a lot of worry and so it dont help either no doubt with lupus and maybe can lower ya imune system too be so stressed , thanku for writeing back and yes its great to talk to other people who have lupus like me thankyou so much xx