Totally restless after sun?!?!

Hello, another crazy day today....I was outside in the sun for 45 min, and began to feel aggravated. I felt, "off" and looked in the mirror when I returned to my car and my pupils were so constricted they were barely visible. As I drove I was anxious, nauseated and just flat out felt awful. I was a little itchy and just totally restless for about an hour and I slowly started to feel back to normal, and then slept for almost 4 hours. Now I have just experienced migraines for the first time starting 2 weeks ago and my doctor says I am "in middle of a cluster." My question, anyone ever experience this, and any thoughts if this is migraine related or possible lupus related? I developed a rash on my chest and upper arms for the first time this past summer, but never noticed anything like what I went through today. It was downright scary. thanks!


I have had that happen from sun, particularly when I was on Plaquenil. I broke out in spots and was very irritable, was very cranky and nasty to my boyfriend at the time (now my husband). I also felt restless too. I am not sure if it is the medicine or the lupus that causes it, but I try to stay out of the sun if I can. Lupus is definitely annoying!