Might be a little personal, but worsening of symptoms during menstruation?

Hi all! I am writing because although I have seen dramatic improvement over the past three to four months, every time that that time of the month rolls around, all of my symptoms worsen to the point where I've had to go to the hospital on a few occasions. I was wondering if anyone else experiences this, and knows any tricks to make it less severe. I used to be on an oral contraceptive, which helped with the menses, but I read that birth control pills can cause flares? Fact or myth? Anyway guys, I need your help on this one!

Wishing the best of health for all!




There is a group for women that is a little more private. It seems that it is a common issue with women and that group could be very helpful for you.

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That was my first symptom in my thirties. Even though my periods were slightly irregular and then very irregular in my forties, a few days before my period my joints would ache like crazy. It finally got to where almost two weeks were awful and two weeks were ok. My arms and hands and legs. My drs never could explain it and I felt like I was not taken seriously. But looking back that was the beginning.

I have the same issue. Skin symptoms worsen as well as fatigue to the point of exhaustion, shortness of breath, joint pain. Horrible bloating, and swelling/pain in breasts. I have been on Plaquenil for 5 months now and just this month the PMS symptoms are lessening so I wonder if it is helping?

I have the same things as all of you above,before I was diagnost with lupus I blamed it all on my hypothyroidism and lack of hormones …but looking back I know now that it was lupus .I personally think that is somethig about estrogen levels.I wouldn’t take any birth Control pills because of the sensitivity of the case .