Gyn Issues with Lupus?

Hi Everyone,
It has been a loooong time since I have posted on here.

Background: 32 years old. Diagnosed with lupus in 2012.

Over the last year, I have had breakthrough bleeding while on the pill. Last year, when I went to the gyn, they ordered an ultrasound which was normal. The pelvic exam was painful to the point where I was in tears. But, since the ultrasound and smear were normal, I was put on a different birth control pill and it was chalked up to being on the first pill for so long. Here I am exactly a year later with breakthrough bleeding that is worse–it’s like a full period before my period. I have had back cramps, low pelvic pain (like my ovaries ache), and a few days of bloating. Went to the gyn and again had a normal ultrasound. Thyroid was tested and also normal. I’m still having low pelvic pain and discomfort even after starting a new pill pack. I reached out to my rheum to see if she has any insight, but I have not heard back from her. The gyn wants me to track my symptoms and give weekly updates. Also wants me to go straight into the next pill pack when time to skip the period (rationale is to skip the period and see if things resolve because he’s concerned about endometriosis—never had symptoms or issues in the past to indicate endo). But, when I add my symptoms to the night sweats and painful sex/dryness (sorry, TMI), I’m afraid my lupus is putting me into early menopause. I can’t get my hormone levels checked until I have been off the pill for 3+ months. I’m getting a second gyn opinion today, but I’m freaking out. Deep down in my gut I know something is wrong, the same way I knew I had lupus and demanded I be tested. I feel crazy every time something comes back “normal”. I don’t feel normal and I’m a mixed bag of emotions. Anyone have something similar happen? What would you guys do?

Hello @Ballerina8876. I had these issues over 23 years ago. It was horribly painful! Every month was worse. They were thinking endometriosis at first as well, but in the end found out it was adenomyosis. Its very painful and rapid progression. You’re in my thoughts and prayers. Hang in there. :pray::butterfly::pray:

Thanks. I am seeing a specialist next week. Hoping to find some answers or direction.