Metatarsal Pain

My Ruematologist says the pain in my left foot is caused by Metatarsalgia. Among all the joint and muscle pains i have frequently, this is by far the worst. He had me try two different types of pads for shoes but it has gotten worse to the point it takes 1.000 mg Ibuproffen to deaden it enough to walk very far and then it only helps for a couple hours.

I saw one Podiarist a couple months ago and he was no help at all. (treat symptoms with ice packs as needed). There has to be some type of treatment for this. I've scheduled an appointment with another Podiarist this coming Tuesday.

Has anyone else had this problem? I've also had a stroke ccaused by Lupus on the same side as this problem. (left side) and since then I can barely stand to be touched on my left arm or leg. I call it Hypersensivity. I always warn doctors and nurses that if they touch my left foot or tap my left knee for reflexes, they better be standing to one side. This isn't painful, just involuntary spasims..


Jim R.

i don’t have this pain, but i wanted to extend my empathy for you for all the seemingly end,ess ways lupus makes us hurt.

I have a lot of pain in the top of my feet and can’t wear shoes that lace up because any pressure on the top of the feet will start the tendons throbbing! It has never received a separate label though so it is probably not the same thing at all, but I can relate to what a challenge foot pain can be. Hopefully you’ll find something that helps soon! 