May I Hava Peace?

This discussion is a perfect example of how I go too far. Remember when I said I would measure twice and cut once.? Well, lately i have been doing stuff in a fly by the seat of my pants way. So I deleted the discussion I started and opted for one with a simple, sane question.

What sort of things do you do to make peace in your life?

Little by little I am

learning to move from daylight to dark:

I sing, "Let this little Christ light shine,

I'm gonna let it shine.

Christ is in my mind,

O He heals these thoughts of mine.

And when I feel afraid,

like I did tonight

I call His name out loud hear Him sing:

, "O sweet little light of mine," He says

"to.. gether we will shine,

o you sweet little light of mine,

we still have lots of time."

Then He lifts my face to His

and and He smiles into my eyes, and says

'Shine little love of mine, shine shine shine!"

Then He said, " Just pay attention now, just notice." then darkness fell.

I had already had dinner. And I was tired and sore but happy that the day went well, well, except for the tachycardia and chest pain that woke me up during two separate power naps---I managed the heart thing; I called the people who supply my oxygen and stuff and they said they would fax their report to the good. Count that as blessing 1.

2. Two people hung out for contemplative crafting, and that was awesome.

Astrid sent the message that she was still sick, but still fighting the good fight.

Mary experienced Chimp,S.P.

Sheila blessed me with her posts that I swear always smell like peach colored roses and make me feel like I am in a well lit garden.

Suzie was the suzie that we all love so much---how can I describe how the power of her spirit strengthens me as if each post was an I.V. of The Perfect Medicine.

PJ sent two posts with promises of more; I missed her so much when she was "gone" (not really gone but going through such hard hard times.

And I know that a certain someone was happy with the whistlin cat and that makes me smile outright.

Rachel's blanket is coming along and she celebrated no sugar day : Hurray!

o there are more blessings to count but they are beginning to look like sheep so I am going to keep counting them as I say my prayers . First I will thank God for lwl, for all of you beautiful friends. Seriously, you all rock.!

And I thank God for standing with me as the Peacock Hour fell so hard. I didn't flinch. I just noticed that :1)my tummy is full from a very well balanced dinner. And I noticed that I noticed and thought, "Hmmm. That's what Jesus was trying to teach me: to notice these new little bumper of spaciousness all around me giving me time to think about what to do next instead of just reacting (and suffering for it.)

oops. i neglected to delete a few sentences above so they appear twice.oooops

awesome. me too. we are not alone even if we're in different time zones.