Pass the Peace, Please

For the first time since 4th grade I feel peaceful inside; something has shifted, some fury has been spent and now there is a little more room in my tummy for peace and quiet.

The eating disorder that I've struggled with for too many years has lost its power to scare me, it has lost its power to make me hate myself.

God heard my prayers and all the prayers that others have prayed for me, and now...well I think things are gonna get easier...

Are there any long term problems you have had to deal with that have been resolved or are at least in the process of being resolved?

Please share them with us so that we may all have a bigger serving of hope and confidence; pass the peace, please.

Oh sweety this is so awesome! I’m soooooooo happy for u! I had my first infusion yesterday and it was just fine. No side effects or anything. I got to sleep in a bed and take a shower! I’m feeling fine!

thank you so much ann, it was a struggle for such a long time...i am almost afraid to have such high hopes, but i do believe there has been a radical (paradigm) shift..."ooh child, things are gonna get easier"

have you found that mindfulness practice helps with ptsd?

also there is something called Focusing that my therapist in NJ introduced me to. she went to the workshops and learned from these two guys who came up with the exercises/treatment here is a site that talks about it.

sunshine i am so glad to hear your first treatment went well and that you had the comfort of things I take for granted--a bed and shower. God bless you and I will keep you in my prayers

sunshinespraypaint said:

Oh sweety this is so awesome! I'm soooooooo happy for u! I had my first infusion yesterday and it was just fine. No side effects or anything. I got to sleep in a bed and take a shower! I'm feeling fine!

Im so happy for you! :slight_smile:

Thanks tiffany, the whole eating and not eating thing has been such a i still feel calm inside so I am hopeful...

how are you today?

Tiffany89 said:

Im so happy for you! :)

Ann, thank you for your encouragement...i was looking for the meditation things you posted but cant find them. Can you send them again or point me in the right direction?

Ann A. said:

Janice, I put some TI videos on the meditation thread. I think you will like what you see.

Hi Janice, This is wonderful. Recovering from Eating Disorders is never easy. I think the thing with an eating disorder is that it does go away totally for some people. Sadly though there are the few where it raises its ugly head again at times of stress. Its nothing for anyone to feel ashamed about though. Eating disorders are a really common thing in peoples lives now, due to all sorts of reasons, not just because of people thinking they are too fat. Alot of eating disorders are caused by emotional disturbances like when there has been family problems, relationship problems, stress, bullying and many moree upsets can cause an eating disorder to take over. Sometimes its a form of control where people know they cant control any other aspects of their lives, but they can control what they eat, it becomes like an outlet and a crutch for some with eating disorders, its a very complex subject. But with help and support and sometimes help of clinic or counselling the outlook is good. So well done Janice for conquering this dreadful thing. You have strength and are a kind, and sensitive person, and its wonderful this has happened. I am so pleased for you, and keep up the good work with everything you are doing. I am so lucky to have you as my friend. Thinking of you, take care, love and hugs Astridxoxox

Hi Janice. I just read this post, congratulations!!!! I'm really happy for you. :)

Hello Janice!! How have you been doing? You crossed my mind for a couple of days, I thought to say Hello and how are you?have seen anything lately from you hope things are going well for you!,smile. When get a chance drop a word or to my way??? Talk with you later…Beverly L.

This post just brought on some extra HAPPY juices all through my veins.

am so glad for you.

I know what this feels like- PEACE.

Hold on to it. dont let go of it!

to answer your question..... like you with Peace... I had a moment of FORGIVENESS.

not a moment. but a shifting as you spoke of. Where all things changed.

I released forgiveness into the atmostphere. and it was for others(working on myself still)

but it really changed my marriage for the better.... my relationships with others.

My happiness.

I received JOY when I forgave.

I was able to appreciate the NOW moment... wherever that was... hatever that meant.

I became more aware' and comassionate to others. and I laugh so much now.

If i dont laugh for a day- its a bad day.

I love making others laugh too. sly comments... and even watching things like

WIPEOUT has me on the floor crying wi laughter. and AMERICAS funniest Videos.

I seriously have to make up for the days i missed without laughter for so many years

My sister used to love funny stuff-videos- and i never got it.

Now i do.


Yes laughter is very good for the soul and helps a lot when things just go crazy for no reason , so take the time to laugh yourself through that moment -even if you have to laugh by yourself, LOL…Beverly L.