SInce i started praying again!

Hi everybody im not trying to push reliongion and i dont want to affend anybody, but i just have to share this. About 2 weeks ago when i was hospitalized and i found god again, i had strayed away for the longest time and in the hospital when i was just about to give up on life he found me again and i dedcated my life to him. Now I dont know if this is a coincidince but since then my lupas sysmptoms have decreased emincely. This has never happened before, my lupas is still active but the pain and fatigue has decreased so much. Im still having alot of trouble with anxiety but i Know god will see me through this and help me deal with this disease. Hes Already made a diffrence, and i just felt the need to share this. God is Good!!!

Dear Christie,

Having a chronic disease, chronic pain, and all the challenges that goes with it, will sooner or later get you closer to a higher power. Call it God, the Universal life force, even your own higher self, you get there, may question that power for a while in anger and frustration, but I think you get back to it and make a peace with it, and I think there are levels and layers to it.

I am so glad that you have found peace, and comfort. That is what it is supposed to be about.

This is where I happen to be.

Hope everyone is doing well,


Dear Christie,

This site is for you to share your heart. You don't have to apologize for sharing your testimony of your dedication to God. Honestly I would not be able to cope without God's help moment by moment. I have a lot of pain; however, I am not in it alone......happy for you.

WOW! thats amazing!! God is so awesome!

I say a prayer for everyone on Ben's Friends every night! Every night!

Speaking of prayer, anyone heard from our gal Terri today? Hope she is having a 'smashing good time' and not suffering! I have said several prayers for her today!

Faith is a powerful tool. I know that God has a plan for all of us, and he loves us Dont be afraid to testify, Gods blessing on you