Major muscle spasms in my back

I have been feeling great the last couple weeks. I woke up today with major muscle spasms. Can barely move. any ideas on how to ease them without pain meds? i have so many things i need to get done, but I am stuck in one spot.

Thank you! I should have thought that.

Hi everyone so I’m praying that my platlets going up when i went,to see my R for the first time last week and he ask me when i was in the hospital did the talk about moving my spleen that did not sit good with me I’m really scared u guess has anyone been though this be for I really might not let them do this to me if they want it to


I am so glad to see you on here with a post! I am pleased to hear you have been doing okay until now! Sorry about the pain. I get this way too and I do what Ann said below. Warm baths with Epsom salts and drink water water water! When is your appointment with the rheumy? Please let us all know how it goes. Terri and I have been wondering how you were!


Hi Tiffany,

Nice to see you back on board mate but not about the spasms roll on your rheumo appointment this month.

Tiffany the spasms in your back are usually to do with Arthritis.

I've found this good link about spasms what helps them besides symptoms.

Love Terri xxx