Question about the sun

I have been outside the past few days as the weather has finally been nice. I have been careful to be in the shade and wear long sleeves because I noticed my neck was getting itchy if I was in the sun. Here is my question: my arms (which were covered) are extremely itchy, red and hot. Is this a lupus thing or something else? Thanks in advance.

Welcome, roxy. I searched "itchy red arms" on this site, and many posts popped up, so you can conclude that it is a lupus thing:

Thanks so much. I am still figuring out how to access all of the information on this site. I am usually on my phone, but may need to break out the laptop and a bigger screen

I’ve been feeling worse over the past few days because I’ve been outside more in the sunshine… I’ve deeply regretted enjoying the sun now it’s caused a flare up I can feel it in my skin and joints and I feel generally poo :frowning: :frowning: I had the rash on my face when I came in from the sun aswell and it’s been coming and going ever since

This really sucks! Excuse my language, but I thought I was being careful by not being in direct sunlight but it didn’t matter. I still have a rash on my arm, which is a new thing for me. I have only been recently dx so still learning and trying to cope. Thanks for sharing. Hope you feel better soon.

UV rays you don't have to be in direct sunlight to be affected. Any time I go outside for more than like 6 or 7 minutes...I have to have sunscreen on...or I get crap...whether just a rash...or beet red...or a flare. Sunscreen is a lifesaver for me. I also have a shirt I bought that screens uv I try to wear that too...unless it is too hot. They have clothing and hats that block uv if you are outside a is probably wise to invest in them. Then you only have to put sunscreen on the uncovered parts. Swimsuits that do too...although you will still need sunscreen on all the rest of you.

Roxy...Itchy, red, and hot is definitely a lupus thing...or has been for me. I can get it just riding in the car if I don't have sunscreen coated on me. UV rays can invade shade and unless it is uv shielding clothing...that won't be enough. They do sell uv ray shielding clothing...and it works much better. I found a shirt in Sam's club that was uv protective...but they have a greater variety online. So...even if you stay in the shade and have long will still be affected by uv rays...unless you have sunscreen on under your clothes...or have uv shielding clothes on.

It's a pain...but at least they have things to offset it.