Lupus Discoid Lesion OR Shingles? HELP

It started about 10 days ago. First my pillow was saturated and wet and I didn't know why. Then it started stinging and burning. It now itches, stings and burns. it seems to be spreading around the back of my neck and I've got another itchy blotch on my tailbone.

I have no idea if its shingles related or just another herpes lesion. I get really nasty vascular lesions., so it could be.

Thanks so much. Much love, Julie

Heres a link to the video I made about it.

Looks so painful! I don't have any words of advice or anything, just want you to know that I'm thinking about you and hoping you find relief soon. Thank you for sharing, you never know when someone else may be going through the same thing.

Oh my god hun. This looks so painful. I have no idea what this is. I would see a dermatologist for it. I will be praying for your wellbeing and hope this will go away soon!

Hello Julie,

That does look so sore and i really feel for you...have you been able to get intouch with a specialist yet and if you have what was the outcome.

Love Terri xxx

Hi Julie,

I am pleased your seeing 2 people as soon as possible...i suffer from DLE and had red sores on my head but nothing like what your going through at the moment...i've lost that much hair keep growing it back then losing it again my heads skinned now in grade1 but it suits me and i'm lucky really and i'm not growing it again.

Buying a wig does'nt matter as alot of people with Lupus wear them, it's just looking for the right one that does look natural and suits you....well i really hope they can catch it quickly but my hairs thick and nothing as stopped it coming out and grey patches growing back

Look forward to your update and crossed it's nothing to serious to catch in time.

Love Terri xxx

jujubeee said:

I see my rheumie Wed and GP tomorrow. I'm pretty sure its a discoid lesion. It's pretty big (spread) and I hope I don't lose the hair under there. I guess theres some nice wigs out there though! Look at Wendy Williams, shes got some really kool ones. I have alot of hair though, its pretty thick, so I might get lucky and you might not be able to tell.

Thanks all for asking and caring. Yes it hurts. I'll keep ya updated after seeing the doc.

Hugs, Julie

Hi Julie,

Thank you for letting us all know and i'm pleased it's a rash instead of something more severe and crossed it heals fine with the antibiotic's.

Please let we know how things go with the Rheumo also.

Love Terri xxx

Hi Julie,

I can understand why there's not much respect...Your rheumo sounds the double of mine contradicting themselves and last time i saw mine, as he tried putting me in my place i was doing it back and sent a letter to my GP saying i talk in

"Terminology" terms which is wrong, what wrong about that when i know what's going on or i must be totally thick.

Where yours says Lupus is not active because you have nose sores besides mouth sores is rubbish...the lupus in my system is really active and the nose sores are destroying my one nostril besides nose bleeds like yourself and anaemia, christ i've never heard so much rubbish.

I don't blame you refusing the Benlysta if your kidneys are in remission...mine play up terrible and especially my left besides swelling and i got offered prednisone in the day unit when i was kept in...i totally refused it.

Sounds like your on a losing battle like myself...there's only my Dermo and GP taking it serious to how bad i've got it and since the rheumo told me what i had off my bloods it's like he's throwed the towel in and when i asked for methotrexate is answer was there's to many organ issues with it and i'm not getting involved.

Hello Julie,

Your never alone but i do know my Rheumo seems more into RA than Lupus my Dermo is totally different and he's the one going furthur with stronger drugs with me reagrding my DLE/SLE but the SLE comes under my rheumo's department.

Well at least the pain Doc is helping reagrding one rheumo sent letter's to my GP stating what i have which is in my profile besides a letter for folic acid tablets as my anamia was at the lowest count you can get at 8.0 and for b12 jabs for life and last time i saw him he denied GP as given me copies of them for next time i see him and he'll most likely get them throwed at him and he told me you don't have cervical spondylosis and i told him straight so your over riding a Mr who's a surgeon who diagnosed it in my 20s with 20 miniture MRI scans and i'd never had DVT it's all listed in my records...i'm typing to you and also laughing at the same time "It's one total joke"

Well i've never seen my neuro specialist just the liason nurse who treated me under the brain surgeon and transfered hospitals to where i attend now and that's been 13yrs.

My god julie you do have alot of serious issues going on and i thinks it's totally bad how they're being ignored...i actually think when you get to a certain state they don't want to know and new drugs on the market are mainly pushed onto we if we give way to be used as guinea pigs.

You do need ENT for your issues as i'm under them as i've got TMJ Disease and i have to wear a shield at night which is splintered because of my seizures and also sinunitis...sorry if it's spelt wrong.

Good one mate you can't wait to hear what this clown as to sound just like myself down to earth and no messing about.

Julie i just wish you all the best mate and anytime you need to chat you know where i am.

Love Terri xxxx