Shingles and Lupus

I recently found out I have shingles and was wondering if anyone else has had to deal with it? Does anyone have any helpful tips on how to deal with all of this. My Lupus has been fairly under control and I can see this causing a flare up. Please anyone with some advice share it with me.


I've had SLE for 22 yrs. I did get shingles, very painful in my inner thighs. I saw a family practice Dr who put

me on an antiviral medicine & after a week or so the symptoms went away. I didn't get a flare up of the Lupus

I have them on the left side of my head in my hair. Not sure if that’s a place people nomally get them. I have been getting lots of rest and taking the medicine that they prescribed and have started to feel a little better today. What can you do when all the stuff is in your hair?

hello jen969798. I had shingles before and it can be very painful, the doctor can only give you some pain medicine to help with the pain. Take Aveeno Oatmeal baths in cool water to keep the itch down and the sweating under control. Staying cool is the key to the itch and pain. Calamine lotion helps to ease the itch also. Ask your doctor about valtrex to prevent the return of the shingles, this is also used for herpes, but it works wonders for the shingles too. I hope you feel and I hope the information helps bring you much relief. Many blessings and hugs xoxoxo

Hi Jen, I just got Shingles on Sunday, Monday saw Primary Physician and yup its Shingles. I thought it was Pemphigoid as I have had an outbreak in 2009.
My Lupus has been out of remission over a year now, now dealing with tuis while trying move.
Im on some heavy duty medication (3) At the same time I am on 40 mgs f Prednisone, and I also inject methote,rate myself.
It hurts as its blstering but I take gabbatenin like 2-3 hours rather than every 4 hrsI read that milk can ease the pain, and had a cup of milk. Onky milk i nirmally drink is in a bowl of cereal, or with cookies. It did help me.
But be very careful if you go over the counter with gels creams ir lotions for pain, itching, etc. Do not take benadral. Read its not a good thing to use.
Sorry, you are dealing with this, and do apologize Im not much help.
But know I will ve praying for both of us now. Our time dealing with this is longer than normal people. Our immune system is shot so its gonna take longer. )0=
Hang in there. Know you are not alone.
Take care. Get lots of rest (yeah right. Us Warriors can not rest well ir peacefully but I try) and be strong. :heart: Grace