Anyone have active psoriasis with their lupus?

I had posted last week about a weird rash that had appeared, its now all across my chest, shoulders and now has spread to my back, not only does it itch but it hurts, and now I'm running a fever, I wanted to make sure this wasn't contagious, so I went to my primary she says it looks like psoriasis and called a friend of hers who is a dermatologist, as my regular guy has no openings til august and I didn't want to wait that long, so I'm seeing him latter this morning. My primary figured this must really bothering me as I stopped seeing doctors and taking meds over a year ago, she was actually pretty cool about the whole no doctors and meds thing, anyway she looked at this rash and thought it looked like psoriasis, its not my usual discoid rash, the fact I'm running a fever now is cause for concern, I agreed to see her friend, and said I would try anything he prescribed if would help get rid of this rash, besides it being painful and itchy it looks terrible. I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else with lupus and what made it better. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Hope you're all having as good a day as you can have.

I went to the derm, he looked at the rash said it could be a psoriasis like accute cutaneous sle, he's thinking a probable severe systemic condition has caused this new outbreak, its definitely not shingles, he did take a biopsy, don't they all, he noted some edema, and that my blood pressure is really high, he asked what meds I took, when I told him I don't he reminded me of how serious this disease was, that it could be my kidneys are not working properly and thats causing the rash, I just shrugged my shoulders, explained I've had stage 3 chronic renal failure for quite awhile, that no matter what meds they've given me I've done better without them, I explained I was only interested in getting some relief from the rash, he wrote me a prescription for some cream for the rash, prednisone to help it along, He suggested cyclosporine I opted to wait for the biopsy results, he stated again his concern about the potential of something serious going on, I replied I just want some relief from this rash, and thanked him for taking the time to see me.

I had a nasty rash that sounds like yours. When I upped plaquenil to twice a day it went away. I know you’re not interested in meds but wanted to let you know that someone else has experienced that rash.

I appreciate the input, I had been on plaquenil in the past its not been very helpful, It's almost as if I was allergic or something, I've tried it several times, I wish it would've worked, it's far less toxic than what we're considering now. Keeping my fingers crossed that the cream and prednisone do the trick, just want some relief.