Lupus and trauma

Does anyone know if there is a correlation between trauma and Lupus?

ABSOLUTLEY! Any form of trauma, leads to a form of stress, which then causes the body to reactwith a flare! It is very closely related…That is why, as hard as it may seem, trying to be as least stressed out as possible is beneficial to feeling better wih lupus…Suzie :0)

i agree and i wonder why medical world doesn’t teach relaxation strategies as as first line of defense right there along with the meds–like a prescription–if it did maybe massage therapy and relation classes would be covered under insurance

Suzie D. said:

ABSOLUTLEY! Any form of trauma, leads to a form of stress, which then causes the body to reactwith a flare! It is very closely related.....That is why, as hard as it may seem, trying to be as least stressed out as possible is beneficial to feeling better wih lupus....Suzie :0)

TRUE Janice! That is what the docs should do, prescribe therapy, physically, through massage & such, heck maybe throw in a facial, lol…That would help alot cause having this & then learning you have it, reading what it is all about, is alot of STRESS in itself…That doesn’t help us at all, it actually makes us feel so much worse!! SO… I for 1 am in for a massage script to relax the tired achy muscles & joints, and even a specially formulated facial too for the butterfly rash, lol…Sure u & many here are too! :wink: Suzie :0)

yeah--i love the idea of facials and massage together.

you know, when I was 16 I kept getting horrible swollen lymph nodes that made it impossible to turn my head. They had taken me to doc after doc and couldn't keep it from happening. so i had a friend who was just finishing massage therapy school. She had set up shop in a back room of a health food co-op in Albuquerque. She told me she could get rid of the problem so I went in one day. She worked on me for two hours (most of which I slept through) and then had me drink a tea of lubella and mullein for a week or so. To this day I have never had another case of swollen lymph nodes!

I think there is much for be said for alternative therapies.

On the other hand, another friend was going to cure me with a healing smoke therapy..well, she had a contaption that funneled the healing smoke into the skin. She asked me how i was doing after a few minutes and I told her it was pretty hot. She told me to try to tough it out, so I did.

When she took it off I had a huge gaping hole burned into my belly that took months to heal. The doctor laughed every time he saw me after I explained how I got the burn... ~#~

Pros and Cons my friends, that is the story of LIFE! Now the lymph nodes, that is a fantastic thing that u were able to get rid of, what a relief, cause most of us do know how painful & annoying they r when they come with a Flare! So that is awesome that your friend was able to use massage therapy & herbal teas to help. The herbal teas & actually accupuncture and massage, I have heard of many positive things about…For cancer and many wide array of illnesses…My best friends Mom is an amazingly strong woman & has been battling breast cancer which has unfortunatley spread to other areas of her body over a 15 year period, well, she herself and her Mom has used accupuncture & I know for sure my BFriend drinks lots of herbal teas (massage too), even special ones used to help her sleep…she calls it her seepy tme tea :)…Her Mom who has to go for IV Chemo treatments, uses the accupuncture & I also believe massage too, to help with the side effects of the meds & the stress altogether…So Long Story short, there are many benefits…BUT on the other hand, you can hear of HORROR stories as the burning from the healing smoke that Janice had occur!! That must have been terrible & something you sure would not want to recommend, so THANKS JAN for the WARNING! SAY NO TO HEALING SMOKE!!! :wink: LOL…U are really a funny gal, you make me chuckle, even if u don’t intend to…I can only imagine the reaction of ur Doc. when he saw the burn, they don’t agree w/ alternative theapies to begin with! He must react to this day, if u still see him, poke fun at u you about that one!! LOL…So moral of this story, YES, the docs should start to give scripts for stress relievers other than Anti-anxiety, Anti-depressant drugs, don’t get me wrong, they are wonderful, much needed & work well, but other forms could be used that are non-prescription that could benefit us all…Have a Good Night! Suzie :0)

G night Suzie, I Am glad I male you laugh..laughter is good. We used to have so much fun when i was doing laughter yoga at the assisted living homes. we had a blast just being silly HO Ho Ha Ha HA )

sorry to hear you are so tired...maybe you'll get some good sleep///just dont fall out of bed like I did this That was funny.


btw, that doc does laugh when he sees me...especially after I showed him one of the exercises I used to do for laughter yoga. It is called Laughing Lion (I added the laughing part.) Here is a pic. enjoy!

Yay! I hope you can get one (a script)

How are you feeling??? You have taken a beating this past two or three weeks.

checking with therapists is a great idea–I will start looking into it tomorrow. I think we went in the wrong direction by compartmentalizing health. I know we need to break it up because there is just sooo much to know, but there has to be a better way to integrate all that info. doesn’t Chinese medicine and/or Ayurveda do a better job treating a person as a whole being?

annacai autoimmune said:

I am pretty sure that when I am ready to a scrpt for a massage, I will be able to do so. One approach is simply to call massage therapists who take prescriptions, find out which physicians write such scripts, and then visit one of those physicians - if my current physicians do not oblige. Richmond is not the biggest city in the country but it is heavy with conventionally trained physicians and there is great competition between the hospital systems. I almost picked my surgeon cause I like the new hospital - which looks like a resort. But I decided that it was easier to all my presurgery testing done by staying relatively close to home.