Lupus and Thyroid issues

Is it possible to be misdiagnosed with Lupus when in fact it is a thyroid issue? I visited the rheumatologist today and I’ve gained like 20lbs in 2 months! This is very abnormal for me. I haven’t changed diet or exercise. Would a thyroid issue account for a positive ds-DNA and ANA?

I am going through the same thing it is common for people with lupus to have hashimoto which is hypothyroidism that is an auto immune issue… You can have more than one auto immune issue so this could be another one all together
I’m actually going to a surgeon today to discuss removing half of my thyroid bc a nodule

Yes it’s can be positive if you have Hashimoto diseas ( hypothyroid )
When I was diagnost I gained weight as well and felt tired but my tsh and chloresterol wore sky high ,after they ajust syntroid for me I felt better ,but the antie body test is very tricky because I’ve been diagnost with lupus 3 years letter .

Are you on Prednisone? This can cause sudden weight gain. But like the others suggested, make sure you are tested for any thyroid condition. Good luck, and feel better

My body usually has a negative reaction to prednisone, so I’m not on it. I hate that all of this is so confusing!

You might want to check out the book "Thyroid Mind Power" by Dr. Shames. Sometimes it looks like you have normal Thyroid because THS is produced in a normal amount. Then the thyroid antibodies destroy some of it...Hashimoto's disease.

Also, he recommends that normal is too low due to the fact that so many people have low thyroid...thats why Iodine was put in the salt and flour. There was an epidemic of goiters in this country.

Low thyroid gives all kinds of symptoms...brain fog, low energy, weight gain...first symptom that cleared for me was

gastric reflux and my sleep at night improved. Hope this helps. Dee

I gained 40 pounds in 3 weeks due to low thyroid, and my pain was so much worse, my lupus fog was so much worse when my thyroid was out of balance. A lot of symptoms in lupus and hypothyroid are similar. As far as I know, Lupus is the ONLY illness that creates a positive DS-DNA, which is why it's the min test they rely on now. Positive ANA can be in any autoimmune disease. So you could have both issues, lupus and hypothyroid. Lupus has attacked my whole endocrine system and metabolic functions. You might want to see an endocrinologist.