Lupus and tattoos

In the past few days, I guess you could say I have been having a rough time. Ive been tired, frustrated, sick of my body, etc... Im sure we have been there way more than we would like to count. So I decided I was going to make a bucket list. And the first thing on it, is I want to get a tattoo, nothing too drastic. A butterfly on my shoulder and maybe my boys names around my ankle. SO my question is, do I need to double check with my dr's first? Cause I have a feeling one day, Im going to be home from work and just go get it done. Im getting tired of having to be 100% responsible all the time. "Checking in" before I do anything out of my everyday life.

U need to make this decision for urself, if u are on certain meds, maybe running it past ur doc is a good idea, totally up to u. I here you 100% w/ the bucket list though, life is way to short & WE OURSELVES need to figure out what WE need/want to do with this one chance at life we do have! More POWER to u MY FRIEND!! I am behind u with whatever choice u do make....Keep Smiling!! xo :) Suize

I've gotten four since I was diagnosed in 2009 2 dragonflies and 2 hearts one in the shape of my 6 kids names and need two more to complete everything a butterfly for obvious reasons and one for the grandkids. I find that depends on how i'm feeling as to how long it takes for them to heal. Best of luck whatever you choose but I've heard the ankle is a tough place for a tattoo.

Getting a tattoo to me only hurts depending on where you get it, the more boney the spot the more it hurts. I used to worry about the risk of infection but they use new needles everytime they do my tattoos. I only get what means a lot to me since it is permanente.

Thanks Ladies. Im not intending to do anything drastic. Yes its going to hurt, but so was labor. Haha. Oh Rachel if you want a tattoo, do it. I will call my dr's office and ask him what he thinks. But ultimately, I will do what I want.