Lower back/kidney pain

Does any body get severe kidney pain? This is troubling me allot lately.

Does it feel like a pulled muscle?

Yes, it spans across my lower lumbar area, but is more painful on the right side.

I have been having that same problem worse on my right also it goes all the way down my butt :frowning: and I can barely walk and mine has been much worse lately too…I dunno why I didn’t talk to my doc…did you?

The last time I spoke to my rheumatologist, she told me to allow the plaquenil to get into my system for a few months then I should feel a difference. I have a follow up next month, I will address it there. My fear is that since my pleural and pericardium flares are bad, that now it is affecting my kidneys.

i have SLE lupus and kidney disease is attack my kidneys and they failed so i had chemo. i get lower back pain EVERYDAY ALL DAY i also have RA and high blood pressure! i know how u feel.

Thank you for your reply, sorry it took so long to respond (busy week). This scares me because as a child I was plagued by kidney infections, now that I am experiencing this pain and my rheumatologist said that my kidneys, lungs and heart are the primary target of Lupus, I want to be as proactive as possible.