Low Immunoglobulin M

My Allergist ran some blood tests on me and in the results my immunoglobulin M was very low! It is my understanding that the immunoglobulin M is the one that fights infections. The big blood cell (B cells). My A & G were normal and my E came back a little above normal!

Does anyone on this site have any information about low immunoglobulin M and lupus? If so please let me have your input! I have searched the web and I know that it could be because of Lymphoma, but I was already cleared for that by my melanoma oncologist last April with blood testing, so that is a moot issue. Apparently, M binds to other things in the body and it can expel with urine and through the colon! My Nephrologist has tested me for protein in my urine and I have had two clear tests in the past six months. The on,y thing that has not been checked is the protein expelling from my colon which I will have checked out!

Thanks in advance!

Hello Deenie,

B&T cells are usually involved with Lymphoma like you said but highly active more in sjogren's slightly more than Lupus although patients with Lupus do get lymphoma as i suffer from it.

Dennie low immunoglobulin M and lupus are to do with low circulation antiphospholipid sundrome besides antiphospholipid antiblodies you may find this link below helpful.


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Thanks Terri!

Hi Deenie,

Your welcome and i'll get round to your pm mate, it's just that i've not been well and having to rest besides :) xxx

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Thanks Terri!