"Let It All Out" 3/25/11 What do you feel is the most limitations Lupus has brought to you. There probably are many, but just tell us how you feel!?!

In what ways has Lupus limited you or someone you love. What did you once do, that due to Lupus you no longer can!!! Let us know your feelings, get out your frustrations… I am sure it will help you !

For me personally, what I truly miss is being able to move around as quickly and with little pain as I use to. I mean as early as 3 yrs. ago, my lupus was in a remission period. I was feeling good, I was so active w/ taking care of my cows, chickens, pigs, children, husband, you name it!ll… I could do it all without the hurt & fatugue I am now experiencing. I was able to sit in the sun, get a great glow, look healthy and smile. Now, I rarely find myself smiling or even laughing for that matter. It is so disturbing and I miss who I once was. I wish I was back there. I miss the old me. Believe me, not all my past was pain free. I, just after the birth of my youngest, had some heart rhythm issue, which were looked into. I had a knee operation called a lateral release, to help with my kneecap instability and I did go through a flare from the drop in the pregnancy hormones. But then, maybe because my family was so happy & content my whole self became OK. I felt good. I played with my boys outside, I shot some hoops with them, I ran w/ my dog, I fed & cleaned up after all my farm animals and I so miss it now. I often look back at pictures and I cry literally. My family has endured alot of stress since then, and I feel as though that stress, really hurt me. I went into a downward spiral. I miss the old me so much it hurts. But I live by the motto, “life is a Test” of who you are, what you will do with what you have and how you cope. I plan on passing that test, I don’t want to fail, altough at times I feel defeated. I am sure I am not alone. So please let me know, let it all out. I would love to know how you feel also?!! This disease usually paves a very long and bumpy road. I feel as if I have gotten a flat form that road, but I am slowly filling it back up w/ air and I plan on continuing this journey with an open mind and peace. And you all may not know it, but you all are helping me do that! So Thank You… {{HUGS}} to you my friends, Luv, Suzie :0)

In what way has it limited me. Well...I can't play sports anymore because of the arthritus in my knees which is a real pain as I love to play football. Cycling is a no go and even playing tennis affects me. The work that I have to do this year in my A2 levels I have to limit compared with last year. One of my courses is woodwork which now i can not use any of the machinery. I used to be able to play with my dog throw astick, now i can't walk that far cause of my joitns and my fatigue. i feel like i can not talk to anyone like normal anymore cause all they say and talk about is me having lupus and not about anything else like in a nomal conversation about having fun and going out. Yes I can still have fun but there are some limites. Your right, it does help, one more thing off my chest and now i can find out what will help me.