Joint pain while taking Iron

I have a question for anyone out there. I have SLE, pulm. HTN, scleroderma, nephritis, arthritis. I am also anemic and on 2 different ocassions in the past I have taken 325mg iron 3 times a day. After a few weeks my joint pain gets worse. When I stop the burning in my joints stop. Well recently I started the iron again 85mg 2 x day and it is the same problem! joints feel like they are burning. I have stopped it 5 days ago and the pain is going away again.

I will look like an idiot going to my rheum telling her this is what's happening because I have really bad arthritis now also. . . .If that even makes sense.

Oh well, I hope someone knows what I am talking about.

Good Morning!! I have never been able to take iron supplement s I would feel like I have the flu in about 3 days. It sounds to me like your body is rejecting the type of iron you are taking. I would call your dr. !!

Hi Autumn you won’t sound dumb I have LUPUS SLE as well and am extremely anemic who I see a Hematologist/ Oncologist for he was giving me iron to take orally but wasn’t doing anything so I am getting it thru IV iron infusions and vitamin B12 because my immune system is extremely low like a new born non existant. As a matter of fact I am here getting one today. He’s going to give them three infusions for three weeks see how it helps so I will keep you updated on how it feels on my joints. I also have an appt at the OBGYN after I had Cervical Cancer in 2009 and had never had an abnormal pap since the surgery and despite the doctors saying I would have another child I did and he’s 22 months. So hopefully it’s LUPUS causing that abnormality so going to have another biopsy today and the results regardless I have two gorgeous boys so will see wish me look my LUPUS family :wink:

I can’t take iron supplements as I am allergic to sulfites. So I have to get it through my diet. It’s a good thing I like spinach. Lol Sulfites trigger vasculitis, other rashes, itching, and abdominal pain. I’ve never noticed joint pain but the itching was so bad I doubt I would.

Thank you very much ladies! ! ! I am glad to hear that. I will call my nephrologist who is prescribing the iron. I have never seen a hematolgist.

I really appreciate being able to ask questions regarding my illness. I try not to talk about it much around my friends and family so I am glad I have a place where I won't be treated like I am always needing attention.

Have a great day!

Best of luck keep us updated god bless