I've had the weirdest experience

There has been a total of three occasions when I have fallen asleep be it sitting up or lying down and sometime during my sleep I experience what has felt like a seizure as if it was an out of body experience. The first time it happened I was lying down and I feel asleep only to wake up by a jerking motion, I could not talk for a while eve though I wanted to call out for my daughters. The second time it happened I was sitting down and fell asleep only to again experience what felt like seizure like symptoms. I tried to call out to my daughter but couldn't felt like I was drooling and unable to speak again. the last one happened two days ago but was just a jerking that woke me up. I don't know if anyone has an explanation for me that could help me possibly understand this but it has been a scary experience to say the least.

yes it sounds very scary! There is a thing, don't know what it's called- but there is a kind of sleep disorder that causes temporary paralysis like you are talking about.. but I would certainly call the doc in the morning and see what is going on.

My son has a seizure disorder & when he finally got his appointment for his EEG 3 weeks after his 1st seizure I was so disappointed. I just knew it wouldn't show us anything after that time lapse, but it did. Anytime there is abnormal activity it shows up for a long time. Call your dr & get in for a check up. You really need to find out, because if it is a seizure, you are exposing yourself to risk of aspirating or stronger seizures (according to my sons's neurologist). He was averaging 2 seizures a month when the dr. recommended medication for it. I was so upset about all of it but everything turned ok, you'd never know anything was wrong with him or that he's on medication. Hope it's something minor for you but wanted to tell you our story to help ease your worry. Please call your dr, praying for you!