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well I haven't been on here for a while, but I have been busy with my 5 yr old we just started online school this year and its ery time consuming. But anyway so I had an eeg done because of all my headaches and a cat scan of the head the cat scan was fine but the eeg results say that I have Complex Partial Epilepsy of the Right Frontal Lobe and it is intractable. So in November I go to see a Neurologist. I finally go to the rheumatologist this month and im now going to the pain center. so many different doctors!!!!!!! my disability case is going in front of a judge someday ( cause they take their time) and im hoping they approve it this time cause no income is starting to wear me down. But on the bright side of my storm the plagunil is working and im tapering down off the prednisone and im doing ok. I hope all of you are doing well and just live one day at a time. ; ) hugs

I I had an eeg done and it showed an issue in the left frontal lobe. do you experience "black outs"? I smell really weird smells and often just "black out" and go into la la land for several seconds. I only notice if I have had one if I am doing something like pouring something to drink and the next thing i know is its pouring over. I have also had friend comment "where were you"..... they did a second eeg and it was normal. but I had been on medication for the seizures for almost 2 months.

I don't have black outs but sometimes my whole left side goes numb and my voice leaves me nd I cant talk normally I sound like im being strangled this happens like 5 times a month and its quite scary especially when im doing something and all of a sudden I cant feel one side of my body.

Thanks! I experienced that with my right side when I was first diagnosed... but haven't delt with it to much lately. I totally understand the whole not thinking and speaking. My mom has gotten really good at finishing my sentences :)

Children at that age are wonderful I am glad the plaqunil is working. I hope things work out at the doctor for you

I have had very similar symptoms. I had an MRI and SPECT scan that showed ischemia from vasculitis. What is an EEG? Did you also have an MRI?

an eeg shows brain waves the hook your head up to lots of sensors and have you blink and relax and then they flash a bright light in your face I didn't have an mri the neurologist will probably have me get one though