It's Friday

Lupus is something that we all fear,
You're not alone, love is near.
It must be very difficult to cope,
Your strongest therapy is your hope.

You have the strength to defeat,
From your head to your feet.
Stick with it, never surrender,
By your side, we're your defender.

Deep inside we sense your power,
Our blessings we'd like to shower.
We're so proud of all that you do,
We know you can, we love you!

Look inside yourself and be the person that you want to be.
Believe in yourself, no matter what.
Don’t be afraid to express yourself or your feelings. They matter.
Don’t be so hard on yourself. Life is full of mistakes. As hard as it is, don’t compare yourself to others.
You are such a special person and you need to know that, each and every day.
No matter how beautiful, smart, talented, and charming you are, you will always find someone
who you might feel is better than you. Don’t. Just look inside yourself and know of the qualities that you have to offer. Be strong.
Never let anyone make you second guess who you are or what you believe.
Smile and smile a lot. It helps reflect the most important thing about yourself. Your inner beauty.
Don’t sweat the small stuff. It may sound trivial, but it’s true. It’s so easy to focus on the things that aren’t going right in our lives that we forget about all the good things. So be happy and thankful for all the good in your life.
May you always follow your dreams. Love who you are.
Believe in miracles. Live out Loud. Breathe deep trusting breaths. Laugh a lot along the way.
Dare to make a mistake. Life has big plans for you.

Beautiful quote again Linda with such meaning and thought.

I hope you've picked up abit better in yourself and your weekends not going to bad.

Hug Terri xxx