I made it out

I was blessed to be released from the hospital yesterday, i'm going to keep praying that i don't have to go back. It was kind of weird because even though i came home yesterday i was still emotional and crying. I guess it's because i realized i was still going to be stuck in the house due to my recent surgery. I feel kind of bad sometimes complaining because things could always be worse. I'm glad i found this website, now i feel like i have people that understand me. I need advice of what i can do to keep my mind off all the stress that is going on right now. I'm not very mobile because of the hip surgery but any suggestions of things i can do in the house would be very helpful.

I watch a whole lot of tv, and surf the web a lot. If you can read that's good too. Just try to rest, heal up that hip and don't overdo it! Good luck.

I get on the internet, watch TV, read as well. I also have people over. I don’t care what my house is like. My friends are not friends because of my housekeeping skills when I’m sick. Lol

I like to feel like I accomplished SOMETHING at the end of the day. I will do things like sit and clean out my drawers, I have been going through things and getting rid of stuff I don't use or need. But don't overdo it either of course. I will sometimes write or text someone just to say hi, how are you? If you like to write, keep a journal? My journal is usually my frustration, complaints etc, things I assume people don't want to always hear. :) I guess I pray too, it's hard to think of others when we are in pain or immobile but it does help me. I pray you have a fast recovery, and have peace and the rest you need! Hang in there!

I write snail mail letters to friends I have who live far away. Try to keep a bunch of postage cool stamps and cards to make my correspondence even more interesting. So glad you "made it out" and are on the mend. Everyone I know who has had hip replacement rallies pretty fast. All the best to you!

yayy!!! Glad you're out of the hospital!

Thanks lupancatwoman, and yes lynn4545 I was so happy to be out of there, now I have to stay out.

Depending on how you’re doing, you could help out with dinner. Making something simple will make you feel you have contributed, and you have. Call on a friend just to say hi. You could write out cards or notes to people you haven’t heard from in awhile. If you are able to do something that may help others, I believe you will feel better about yourself. Lots of people care about you. Stay strong you are loved.

So glad you are home from the hospital :). First of all, this is a guilt-free complaining zone!! We are all here for you, to listen and understand and be your unconditional support. As for stuff to do while you are stuck and immobile, I have tons of ideas…I’ve had to do the same thing! I have no idea what your interests are or what things you enjoy, but for me I love watching all my fave shows on tv. I started a personal blog on WordPress.com and use that as a kind of journal for “my life with lupus” journey. I draw. I love playing fun games and challenging puzzles on my phone, they really help me pass the time. Get a book that instructs you about something you’ve always wanted to learn how to do- for me it’s cake decorating. Get crossword puzzles, get actual puzzles, read magazines. I love fashion so while im bored and resting, I cut out all my favorite designs and pieces and make it into a project where I paste them in journal books of all my favorite things. Surf the web, or Wikipedia, look up photos of things you like, look up photos of every flower known to mankind, text your friends and let them know you’re thinking about them that day. Look up funny YouTube videos, or videos of things you don’t know how to do and can learn about and look forward to doing when you feel healthier. Make homemade things like picture frames or candle holders or something like that. Look up new app’s on your phone, get lost looking through Instagram, catch up on world news, learn about an important nonprofit cause you didn’t know about before. Start painting. Write poetry. Write your life story. Do you know how to knit or sew or anything? Pop in dvds you haven’t watched in a long time and watch all the extras and behind the scenes stuff. Slowly organize your closet or your dresser, anything. Change where things go and embrace the refreshing feeling of something new and different. Make really tiny goals for the day, just the current day, and feel accomplished afterwards. Update all your online accounts and passwords, back up your data and documents and things you want to save, clean all the crap off the hardrive and all those kinds of things :). Ok…that pretty much is everything I could possibly think of…I think, haha. I hope you can find things to pass the time and that I helped, even if just a little! Hang in there and stay strong :).