HI! Everything went VERY well the SURGERY, am HAPPY ! about the out come

Hello sorry that i didn't post the event's of me moment , went through a lot of DEPRESSION and had to get a REALITY GRIP !!! But everything went very well and there is NO MORE CANCER , lost one breast but FEELING GREAT !!! Am doing good and all is well , talk with later , Thanks for any comments and replies , if i don't answer in a turn around time ,just know i received them and will reply with a group message , Thanks again with LOVE Beverly L.

glad to hear everything is good and best of all you're cancer free! take care be well.

Awesome, God is good! Happy recovery, take care :slight_smile:

One Breasted Women Unite! Good to hear you made it through. I went through that a few months back and I did not have reconstruction.. I plan on getting a tattoo there. :) I am small breasted anyway, so it doesn't show. But, I find that I wear tight shirts without a prosthetic and I don't care. I get a few looks, but I also get a few extra hugs. Take care Beverly! Gentle hugs, Adrienne

Happy recovery. Will continue to keep you in my prayers.

Stay strong. My grandma survived breast cancer and didnt have reconstruction. It never bothered her she was a tough old bird. Best wishes and great karma to you.

Beverly wonderful your home and safe, great to hear surgery is over and great results best of luck stay well your lupus sister,vegas girl

Glad all went will!!! Rest up, Wishing you a speedy recovery!!!

Glad all went well. Now the healing begins. I am here if you want to chat. I am new today member. I am a retired nurse if tha

t would be helpful.

Happy to hear it all went well! Wishing you a speedy recovery! Will keep you in my thoughts!

Answered prayers.....much love to you always!!!!


Wow! Thank's Family , "Living with LUPUS ". All these thoughtful prayer's and wishes for health recovery are very dear to my HEART , (am crying as am writing/typing this). The support here puts a BURST of , LIFE back in my spirit ,Thank You all and those who have not yet to reply in advance . Also yesterday was my first visit back with the doctor omwh did the surgery , her response was all GOOD NEWS and there is NO SIGN OF CANCER- NEVER coming back, et lhymph nodes WERE FREE of cancer (all 5 ). I have the visit with the reconsturction sergeon on (9/11//2014 ) , and with Hop and FAITH that to shall be also a good visit . Once again Family of Living with LUPUS , my journey has allowed my to FIGHT and WIN this Battle (with all of you helping me ). I Love you for taking the time to place me and my health in your life and prayer's , Thank you , Beverly L. Huges and Love

Hey to all that comment on my Blog after i posted a reply . Thank 's everyone for comforting thought's and wishes for recovery , from the my heart - Thank You , Dearly ...Beverly L.

Glad to hear it all went well and you are hanging in there! Praying for you!! :D

Thank you !!! my health is GREAT . The doctor's (breast and my lupus/rhemy) , they both are so happy and amazed that my progress is doing Great . And to top thing's off BETTER Thing's: 1.There is No sign of CANCER to return , 2. My LUPUS is still leveled in control , #. AM FREE OF everything and feeling GOOD . Thanks for your prayer's!!! Enough of me , How are you doing , hope that you are PAIN free and doing GOOD also . Talk with you later be Blessed ....Beverly L.

Great news!! No complaints here!

thank you Dearly for your thoughts of getting well.... Beverly L.