Hydration - more important than many people think

One of the most important things that anyone can do for their body is to make sure that it has a constant supply of clean water.


yes Ann, and that oh so important word CLEAN.

If more people knew what was in their tap water as well as bottled water, and the chemical effects on their bodies? Heads would spin. For example, they tell young mothers now to buy the gallons of water labeled nursery water, because it has been filtered, but few realize that neuro toxins like fluoride have been added back in.

So, clean water yes. If I had access to a safe natural spring, you better believe that is what I would drink and cook with. The Earth does a nice job of filtering.

Oh Ann, yes you have to stay hydrated!

didn't mean to offend you. very sorry.

You know Ann A. I so agree. This sounds so strange but water used to actually make me sick. My mother had the same problem years ago. Now that they have flavored water I can keep myself hydrated much better.

Take good care,