How to know when to go to the Dr or ER?

SInce Im new at this, and I am trying to not be nuerotic, when do I know when to go to the dr or the er? Right now, I feel like Im a little dizzy, and weird. Its kindof hard to describe. Im sitting here and the room spins a little bit. Not exactly like Im going to passout but could be a possibility. Nothing hurts, I just feel weird. Almost like my left eye wants to close, and the right wants to stay open. The other day, the floor just “dropped” out from under me. I didnt fall, it just felt like the ground collapsed for a moment. Can someone give me some guidance please? And if I do go to the dr, what will they do? Im scared of the er because they will do nothing. Its almost like a syncope episode. All I can say is its weird.

i can't give advice but you certainly have my concern. It is a hard call to decide when to go to er---i have had way too many trips that left me feeling worse than before i went---

please err on the side of caution and let us know how you are doing

I am sorry that you feel this way but glad someone else shares feeling about er… ive been there 5-10 times this year, as i am still undiagnosed, try to ignore my symptoms until they get so bad i have no choice but to go. i would only go for broken bones in the past, but with the new issues ive gone alot this year and they begin to treat you like a drug seeker. even though i have refused the stupid dilaudid that they try to shoot you up with! its a shame that one of the places we hope to go to help us in actuality makes us feel worse :frowning: