TIA or Panic attack

So last night it happened again. TWICE in less than an hour. I was iving my daughter a bath and i could feel it coming before it really hit me. my head got all funny feeling and my whole left side went weak and heavy. it got hard to talk and even breathe but it only lasted for a minute or two. the second time was maybe 20 minutes later but this one lasted like ten minutes. i didnt go to the hospital because the ems told me the doctors would just blown it off as the lupus doing its thing. but i do plan on going to my pcp today. my friends are saying they think its anxiety attacks but i dont know.

You called EMS and they told you the doctors wouldn't do anything if you went to the ER??? I hope you got their names. I'd report them.

Definitely a good idea to see your PCP today. I hope everything turns out ok.

they said the er doctors would just blow it off as lupus and i believe them the er here is just horrible they dont really care to do their job.