How To Have A Bad Day Gracefully With Chronic Illness

This is a great article and the quotes were especially great, worthy of keeping around and reading again!

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Hang in there, like this...


I know that so many of us come here to vent, but we also need to remember the good that is still in our lives, not just what we have lost. For example, I am grateful every day for the people on this site. I would not have met so many dear, wonderful people if I had not dd not suffer from a chronic illness.

And, although I try to be kind to everyone I meet, it seems to be those closest to us that bare the brunt of our crankiness. My grandmother also told me to treat those closest to you as you would when meeting someone for the first time. If you think about it, we treat strangers nicer than we do our families.

Thank you again for reminding us of all we should be grateful for.


Thsnks for sharing this article I enjoyed it

this is really great

Thank you so much for these encouraging words. My mornings are very difficult times for me. These words i read are very special.

Hi I to have Lupus that has affected many of my organs I am trying to figure out how to deal with it all , and also how to figure out how to deal with being so tired. I believe this article has really helped me. Right now I stay in trying to dodge the flu . Have a happy day and hope to be back soon. Carol Ann

Hello Sheila,

Just love your icon mate good one. lol

That link is so good for putting displeasure to understanding and coping in many aspects :)

I do hope your keeping ok as best possible.

Love & hugs Terri xxx

Thank you for sharing such encouraging thoughts. Very helpful!