Help with blood test results

Just had my quarterly blood work and urinalysis . I don’t think most of the numbers are excessively high or low to be extremely worried about . I have a few on mine that I’m concerned about though.
The U Prot Random 67 (normal is 0-10),
lymphocytes 11 (normal 15-52),
Monocytes 2 (normal 4-13)
Neutrophils 86 (normal 35-73)
Bun 26 (normal 5-22)

I would love to have ideas on what may be going on. I’ve had lots of side and back pain. I go to my GP Tuesday but would love your opinion until then.

Bun is an enzyme that shows kidney function. U prot random is a random sample of how much protein is in the urine, also showing kidney function. Side and back pain is a common symptom of kidney issues as well.

Did it show a creatinine value? That's used in combination with bun to gage kidney function. The less the kidneys function, the less they filter those enzymes out of the blood. So those enzymes show elevated in blood work when kidneys are having trouble.

Thanks the creatine was in the normal range 1.0 the U Creatine showed 312 but I don’t know if that is good or bad. Thx for your input.

With creatinine in normal range, and such a slight elevation in bun, I wouldn't be too worried :)

When I first started going to the Rheumy about a year and a half ago my blood tests came back with a particular protein that it wasn’t supposed to have. I had to see an oncologist. She said it didn’t show up in the urine so we just have to keep an eye on it. Is there anyway the U Protein that reads 67 could be that particular protein they were talking about? Just wondering.