Heart beep

Hi, does anyone knows what are the number for a normal heart beat? My BO has been high and I feel like my heart is beating so hard (between 100 to 122 beats ) when I am exercising or anything like that.

During exercise that is actually a litttle on the low side. I wear a heart rate monitor during exercise and mine ranges from 140 to 165 depending on how hard i’m working out. My resting heart rate was in the high 70’s but now (after losing 50 lbs) is in the low 70’s. Your maximum heart rate is 226 minus your age (rough calculation). During exercise you should aim for 60-80% of your maximum heart rate for a cardiovascular workout.

I’m 39 so for me my max is 187 and for cardio i would need 150 to be at 80%…i tend to run a little higher than that at times but i haven’t had any issues and have found in the 4 months since i started trying to lose weight that it’s a lot harder to get my heart rate up. Hope that helps! =)

Sorry… just saw your other post. For a resting heart rate that is a little high. Try a true resting rate…recline and relax for a few minutes and then see where you are. It’s not unusual for me to run high 90’s/low 100’s when just moving around the house, tying my shoes…that type of thing. The only reason i kniw this is because i put the heart rate monitor on several minutes before i get on the treadmill and sometimes forget to take it off immediately after.