High Heart Rate

I went to my rheumy for a check and results of an EKG and Echo. The only thing they showed was my heart rate was very high. He said we would watch it and if it stays high he will send me to a heart specialist. I go back to him in 5 weeks. I had to see my family dr because of a cold and he said my heart rate was high the last time I was there and it was 150 this time. They took it with me sitting down and then standing up. Only went to 154 and then back to 150. He said since my rheumy was watching it , it would be ok. So I guess my question is it harmful to run so high when normal for me is 75- 89 ? Thanks Sandy

Hello Sandy,

There's many issues which can cause an high heart rate...blood pressure, circulation to the heart, the list can go on and lead to strokes etc what i've had myself.

These two links below explain about high heart rate and the one link gives off many symptoms which can be causing the problem.



Sandy i really hope they find out what's causing it...please don't over do issues and take it steady, as we're all here for you.

Love & kisses Terri xxx


Thanks Terri you are the best !!

I started a discussion about the same problem a few weeks ago. ln December my heart started running really fast. Went to specialists. Each gave me different opinion. One said that since people exercise to get their heart rate up, that I was lucky not having to work out to get my heart rate up. But he did give me propanolol (a beta blocker) so it wouldn't be so high every time I stand up and walk. Fast heart rate is called tachycardia. Second Dr. said that many people have it naturally and that it's only dangerous if you also have arrhythmias (irregular heart beats, some fast and some slow). I have run into a few others here who had/have the same problem. Here's the discussion I started about it.


thank you so much

Hi Sandy,

Your welcome and i hope reading Sheila's discussion she's added helps besides on understanding these issues and i hope things turn out ok for you.

All my love to you :) xxx

sandy73 said:

Thanks Terri you are the best !!

I am going through the same thing! Rheumy wanted me to go to a specialist for it, but I decided to check with my primary doc first. He did EKG and it was fine, so I wore a heart monitor for 24 hours. He said I have “regular sinus tachycardia”. I could take a beta blocker to slow it down, but I’ve been on those before lupus and they made me feel fatigued like lupus…I can’t imagine how i’d feel taking them now! He’s just going to keep an eye on it.

I had ablation surgery to slow my heart down when I was 40yrs old ,they have ablated 6 different spots,I started complaining about my heart in my early 30s,something to keep an eye on.I was told for yrs I was having anxiety and I needed to find away to elimate the stress in my life,I wasn’t being heard…I’m sure it was because of my age,lupus does go after the heart,I take 2 heart meds now and I’m better…just make sure you feel like your dr is listening to you and take good care of yourself…celeste

I just saw my Cardiologist today and one of the mediations I take, Cozaar I believe has the added side effect of maintaining my low heart rate. Even with my BP through the roof, my heartrate rarely goes about 65. This is even when hospitalized with uncontrolled BP, I would ask my cardiologist or your PCP about this.

Keep your chin up!