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Was wondering if anyone else has had an increase in their resting heart rate with Lupus. Mine has been in the 90s for the past few months. I realize that is still within the normal range but is def high for me. I mentioned it to my rheumy today at my 3 month check up appt and she said she had no idea why it was on the higher side and said that a cardiologist would be the person to ask. I don't want to see another specialist at this point if I don't have to. I do have occasionally mild palpitations but did have my heart checked out the beg of April and everything came back fine although I did have tachycardia at that time. My rheumy did say that you can have cardiac arrhythmia with Lupus. Has anyone every had this, or any experience with the high normal HR. Thanks for any thoughts or advice. Sometimes the doctors can be frustrating when we are looking for answers to ease or minds and the simple say, "I have no idea".

I have and I am on metropolov…something like that ( I’m not home ) mine was running high and my GP said it will enlarge my heart if I don’t start them! I feel better. I forgot them last week and I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest! Go to someone who knows, it isn’t something to fool around with.

I've had a higher (usually about 90) resting heart rate for a couple of years and my cardiologist doesn't seem concerned about it. I have SLE, fibromyalgia and heart disease. I take 10mg daily of Bystolic for high blood pressure and the higher heart rate. It helps control my BP but I haven't noticed any change in the heart rate. Just to be on the safe side - I think you should see the cardiologist since Lupus can affect the heart and circulatory system in a number of ways. Good luck!

Deb, I it metropropol? I think that is the correct spelling. I have a rapid heart rate as well and have been on this blood pressure med for 2 years to slow the heart down. It was given at the same time as my lupus diagnosis. I take 2 a day and my heart rate has slowed between 70-80.

If I take three steps it’s 90. It’s still normal. Since you just got checked in April, by a cardiologist?, you are fine. Maybe you feel better if you call the cardiologists to let them know but I wouldn’t worry. If blood pressure is high it has to be treated. 90 rate is just monitored.

I had this many years ago before I knew I had lupus. The doctor put me on propranolol, and it helped bring my heart rate down.

Thanks for all the information. I am in the process of tapering of a short term low dose of prednisone because I see a GI specialist in Sept at John Hopkins and my rheumy does not want me on pred when I go to the appt. I will see how the palpitations and heart rate are as I go off the pred and if there is an increase in anything I will make an appt with the cardiologist group that saw me when I was in the hospital for evaluation.

I take two different meds for my heart,it started when I was 16yrs old…by the time I was 40 I had my heart ablated 6 times,I’m 51 and have a resting heart rate of 92 after my meds,it can be very scary,I have an amazing heart Dr Garvey.he believes my heart problems are caused from my lupus,I also have pots syndrome…always good to get checked out…good luck

Yep, I am on Metoprolol and Verapamil. I have A-Fib and Multifocal Atrial Tachycardia. I have had two mitral valve replacements. They say that my APS damaged the valve, but that isn't what's causing the high heart rate. My rate would get so high I'd pass out. Now it's low and normal.

i no how u feel,so tired of dr saying i dont no,i have a high heart rate ,110,have had it for over 15 yrs no one seems to no why or do they care they act like its nothing,hope u have better luck i will keep watching for future posts to see how your doing and to see if they figure it out.good luck

I understand the worry. My heart rate ifs usually 78-88, from November last year until June by heart rate stayed between 95-140, I’ve been fighting a kidney infection most of that time. No answers from the doctors. Heart checks out fine now.

Oops, pushed reply too soon. Always get checked out with heart, chest things. Better safe…try not to worry to much.
Be well

Just so you know, as an RN, when you have a problem in your kidneys like an infection, the heart rate and possibly blood pressure will go up. When that is resolved they will go down. Sometimes drs miss the simple things RNs will know m

Lisa said:

Oops, pushed reply too soon. Always get checked out with heart, chest things. Better safe…try not to worry to much.
Be well