Has anyone heard of LDN ( Low Dose Naltrexone)?

Been awhlile since i have posted anything but have been keeping up with all discussions. They have all been very helpfull.

As of right now I am doing somewhat better. No longer dealing with the severe allergic reactions. They are currently under control. Now just trying to get control of my daily flares. Beenn finally diagnosed with LUPUS and Fibromyalgia along with Sjogrens. I also think that I might have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and IBS. Still working on that with my doctor.

Have found a good Rheumotologist that is understanding and compassionate but quick to medicate. She has me under 6 meds every day. Celcept, Prednisone, Percocet, Atarax, Ultram and Plaquenil.Occationally I take Ibuprofren if the pain is to severe. All meds treat what it is suppose to..but also have several sideeffects that make me question them.

Just like everyone else, I have my days where I am dead to the world. I can't do simple things around the house sometimes I can't even get out of bed. Thats when I call my doctor and she goes up on the dosage on my meds. Helps me get out of bed but makes me either more fatigue or can't sleep. Wondering if this is how it will be from now. It really sucks.

Just came across a website that was recommended by one of my husband's co-workers. Her sister has lupus and has been taking a med called Low Dose Naltrexone known as LDN. She explained to my husband that her sister wasn't able to walk and needed assistance to go to the restroom. She has been taking LDN for over 2 mths and she is able to go for 20 min walks every day. Her lupus is in remission right now and only complains occassionaly of not being able to fall asleep. She gave my husband the website which is www.lowdosenaltrexone.org. I read it and even called one of the pharmacies listed. Spoke with the Pharmacist and explained how people are having less symptoms while taking LDN. Originally it was prescribed in a high dose to heroin addicts but in a smaller dose it has helped people with autoimmune dieses, cancer patients among others.

I was a little skeptical so I called my doctor and she said that she heard about it but that it is an opiode and can be addictive. On the contrary, it is an opiode blocker. In the website it states that you should stop taking any pain medication before starting LDN because it will block it from performing ( The pain med).

I was recommended to seek an appt. with a doctor in Santa Ana, California if I was still in doubt. She also has lupus and has been taking LDN and prescribing it to her patients. The pharmacist recommended for me to call her. Unfortunately she doesnt take insurance. I plan on calling her and going to see her.

If anyone is just as interested in this med as I am here is the pharmacist information: Dr.Clay Hamitt at Mc Guff Compounding Pharmacy toll free number #1-877-■■■■■■■■. He has alot of knowledge behind this med. Highly recommend talking to him first before approachingyour Dr. My doctor is skeptical, but I know she will prescribe it if I tell her to.

Again thank you for reading and hope to get responses from those that have come across LDN.

Take care my fellow friends.

Hi Newbe,

I have heard of it, it has been discussed on the Fibromyalgia site. I was considering asking to try it until I read that you CANNOT take narcotics with it, EVER.

I have been prescribed Opana as a maintence drug, I do not, will not, at this point take it unless the back pain is intolerable, but, I want and need to be able to have this available to me.

I have read of success, but I do not know the exact condition, or the severity of that condition, of those who took it, Yes, most MDs are skeptical of it, because they are unfamiliar with it as a treatment.

You may have to kind of go off the grid to get it, meaning perhaps an osteopath.


I take this in a cream form before bed. I work with a holistic physician and I am no no narcotics. I also have Lymes disease and this "drug" is used to help the immune system fight the infection. It is a very safe treatment. I have only been on it for a short time and supposedly it takes a while to see its full effect.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Much Love to you