Coping with pain and sleeplessness

Hi everyone. I am looking for suggestions or advice on these conditions. Normally, I have zero trouble sleeping, it’s quite the opposite. I can easily sleep 9-11 hrs a night. This week I went off my pain medication, tramadol 300mg/day, sometimes slightly more, because I’m going to be trying LDN as new med in 2 weeks. Your body needs to be narcotic free x2 weeks ahead of time. I’ve always had pain, but I guess I forgot how bad it was when not on pain meds! I didn’t realize how much they actually helped because I was still in constant pain, just manageable. But these last few days are just miserable. I’m crying as I type because pain woke me early this am and put me to bed after midnight. I also am unable to sleep more than 6 hrs at night. I’m assuming the drug must have helped me sleep even though I didn’t feel tired per se? I have a massage chair, recent amazingly comfortable purchase, but I’m so sore it hurts to even sit in it. Does anyone have ideas on how to deal with either issue? Or can just relate? LDN takes months to really take effect and if these last few days are any indication, I don’t know how I can work or function until then!

I have heard people say they got relief soon once they stared it so maybe it want take as long for you.

The warm baths in epsion salt may help or some of the tropical rubs. I hope you can find some thing soon.

I will be thinking of you.

I went off my methotrexate last spring because I was so tired of throwing up. Each passing day reminds me of the pains it was keeping at bay. I told my rhumy to just let me try to go without anything but my pain meds but now I am finding myself unable to sleep and way to dependent on pain meds for my liking. As the mother of 4 very active boys I have no time for this disease or the side effects of the meds. Neither really work for me so I often push until I end up at the hospital being pumped full of pain meds. I have no good answer but I think I will try a new pillow I like that idea!

The easiest solution I have for sleeplessness is two-fold. No caffeine drinks after 4pm and 2 Advil PM or Tylenol PM an hour before bed time.

Oh, a Tempur-pedic mattress sure helps too…

I too stopped all pain meds some time ago, I use 5mg melatonin, and either tylenol or advil pm about an hour before I go to bed,I too stay away from any caffine or anything else that might wind my brain up again, if I'm too restless I get up and lay on the couch watching old movies they always put me to sleep, I try to not focus on the pain, it's like I know its there but I don't mind and It does not matter it works most of the time. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

Hi!, haveing Lupus is such a pain itself , there are so many Do’s and Don’ts -smile Well I want to tell you try to deal with the pain BUT am not ask the doctor what non narcotic med you can take that is as good (close to your regular pain med.)! My prayer’s go out to you …Beverly L.

sorry don’t know how to help but can relate . at max I sleep four hours at a time and it has been that way for over thirteen years I was only diagnosed with lupus six years ago but fibromyalgia when I was eighteen along with spinal degeneration I live in pain but even on my best days sleep is not easy because I can’t shut my mind down long enough to relax I hope you find help

I feel your pain. I, too, have had painful struggles with sleeplessness over past few years, primarily due to high doses of prednisone, which gave me four fractured vertebrae. I had to sleep in a reclining chair for several months after buying a brand new king size bed! For a long time I was getting a maximum of four hours sleep per night, which exacerbates one's existing problems caused by lupus and other ailments. As I lowered the prednisone intake, the back pain eased off and I now can get at least six hours sleep, but still wake up by 5 a.m. each day and can't get back to sleep. My breathing issues (interstitial lung disease) might be part of the problem, but I am not sure. I wish I had a solution for you, but other than a good prescribed sleeping pill I have no good answers. Hope you find a solution.

Thomas Franklin

I just want to thank everyone, either for advice, or equally for just relating. Today I bought the unisom with pain relief pills so I will see if that helps. Fingers crossed. THANK YOU to everyone!

Yes, tramadol definitely helps with sleep and is often prescribed for that. But it is not a narcotic so it will be ok to take it and the ldn. Now if you were taking the ldn for staying off opiates Im not sure how that would affect it. I take ldn and occasionally take tramadol…doesn’t interrupt the affects of the ldn.

What may help until you are able to start your new pain meds is to have wine or something stronger for awhile.