Good cold remedy?

today I used a big chunk of ginger...about the size of a half of a carrot on the thick end---and I brought it boil and let it steep. Actually did that part yesterday. Today I strained it (because I boiled it with the skin on) then I added cinnamon and Stevia. I have been sipping it all day and it tastes great. Does it have good nutritional value esp for colds?

also added more stevia to the remaining root, cinnamon and a teeny bit of sugar and boiled it down, cut it into little chunks and made ginger candy

That sounds yummy! My dad taught of his kids to make really good scones starting at age 4 or so, My favorite kind is cream scones with blueberries with chunks of chystalized ginger. The only way I know of to get really good ones with these goodies is to make them yourself. Otherwise, the Barnes & Noble cafes always seem to have killer plain blueberry or cinnamon scones. So fresh (firm, but tender on the outside, moist buttery crumb on the inside). They usually eat themselves before I get home. I may have to change my dinner plans now.