Nauseous & Miserable

I haven't posted in awhile. Just wandering if anyone gets so nauseous and feeling miserable all day and worse at night. I have a low grade fever at times. I take hydroxychloroquine 2 tabs 200 mg 1 time daily. I take it around 5:00 pm and it seems now I get more nauseous as day goes on. I have been on it for 3 years when I was first diagnosed with Lupus. I am wandering if this is the cause and if I need to decrease my meds. I have made an appointment with Rheumy for Friday. Has anyone experienced this? Thanks so much. It helps to hear from others who suffer. My prayers are with you all to have a wonderful day.

I have been having a hard time with my stomach and nausea is part of it. It turns out it is the cellcept making me nauseous. I have lost my appetite because of it. I was on it for four months before I started to feel this way. I was taking four pills a day and my rheumy has cut me down to one a day but I have to see him. The one a day has made it bearable. We figured it was the cellcept because he had me stop and start it a few times and my symptoms went along with the starting and stopping. I hope this helps. Talk with your doc and see what he suggests. I just called and we did it over the phone. Good luck.

After pain, nausea is my most constant symptom. I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a day free of nausea. I do take a anti-nausea pill called phenergan (I also have a script for Zofran but it triggers headaches for me so I rarely take it) that thankfully helps but doesn’t take it all away so I’ve pretty much tried everything in the book for relief.

If a pill isn’t what you are looking for I would highly recommend ginger. It’s been a godsend for me. My guy jokes that he thinks I’m solely responsible for keeping the ginger farms thriving. There are a ton of different ways you can take it. I have gotten used to adding some fresh ginger to lots of dishes I cook, not only does it help my tummy but it also adds so much flavor. I sprinkle ground ginger on salads, fish, rice…the list can go on for ages. There are some really great ginger candies available, I always have a few in my purse (Reed’s is my favorite brand but it’s pretty strong for a less intense chew try a brand called The Ginger People). And if you don’t care for the taste of ginger there are ginger capsules available in the vitamin aisle. Trader Joes makes amazing ginger snaps that actually has chunks of real ginger in it.

I drink ginger tea a few times a day. They have ginger tea bags but it’s so easy (and fresh ginger is SO cheap) to just make it yourself. If I’m in the mood for hot tea I make it by the cup but I love iced tea so I make up a 2 quart jar of it at a time.

Here’s my recipe (precise measurements are not required): fill up a tea kettle and bring it to a boil. Meanwhile, thinly slice a few inches of fresh ginger (I like a strong tea so I usually slice a piece as long as my thumb but use more or less to adjust it to your taste) and add it to a large glass container (I have a few large glass pickle jars that are perfect for this) and when the water comes to a boil add the water to the jar but only fill it up halfway. Now it’s time to steep, again this will depend on how strong you want the tea. It needs at least 10 minutes but steep it longer if you want a strong tea. Now is a good time to add any sweeteners you want, sugar, agave, etc. My favorite is local honey. Once steeped, fish out the ginger and then allow the jar to cool a bit and then fill the jar with ice (if you add ice to the super hot tea you run the risk of cracking your jar because of the rapid temperature change) if you need to, add water to fill the rest of the jar. Refrigerate and enjoy. I love adding lemon or fresh mint to the tea and for people who aren’t as crazy about ginger as I am I stick a few tea bags in the last 3 minutes of the steeping time to make ginger tea tea. Or would that be ginger tea squared? :slight_smile:

I almost forgot…don’t pitch the ginger you fished out of the tea, dry it on a baking cooling rack for a couple hours, toss it in the icebox or freezer. Once you’ve acquired a couple handfuls make some candied ginger. It’s really easy to make and so yummy…and of course great for your belly too. I feel like I’ve been rambling too much already but if anyone is interested in my candied ginger recipe let me know and I’ll post it.

Talk to your doc, it may be worth trying to divide the dose or cut it back. 3 years is a long time on a full dose. Its usually it back to the maintenance dose as the body requires less of it over time.