Generic plaquenil safety concerns

After reading about concerns about safety concerns about generic plaquenil by Ranbaxy, I looked at the rx I picked up today. It was from Ranbaxy. I am returning the rx and having it transferred to another pharmacy that carries the name brand medication. I had to call three different pharmacies before finding a place that does have the name brand medication.

Did you have to subscribe to the Wall Street Journal to read?

Just read this!! ...Oh, boy!!

It did say that they had banned any products from that factory from entering the U.S. I’ve been taking their plaquenil for several years. I doubt there is a reason for concern. I’ll talk to my pharmacist and doctor about it to be sure.

My rx prescription coverage changed the first of the month and there must have been a glitch because the pharmacy got a message that my copay is $299. After being on the phone with human resources, and the pharmacy several times, the name brand was finally approved at a very small copay

wendywench said:

I get a different brand each time I get a refill........Ive complained but dont get any where with it...........